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Bringing light in the darkness

So who are we?

We are LAX Distribution, a company which distribute a truly game-changing laser hair removal system in the USA. The product is Elysion-Pro, and in every aspect it outperforms competitor machines. It’s faster to operate, much more effective, cheaper to run, and our clients love it because it brings swift Return On Investment.

Their clients in turn love Elysion-Pro because treatments are pain-free and comfortable, are up to 4 x faster, and produce much better results. Elysion-Pro also can treat all 6 skintypes on the Fitzpatrick scale, which means everyone can achieve their laser hair removal goals.

I'm interested, tell me more about this opportunity for Spa Consultants

Building our brand, step by step

Elysion-Pro gained FDA approval in 2020, but has been market leader in Europe during the last 5 years. The device is in use in 70 countries, with an installed base of 5,000-plus, and growing. It’s a proven quality product, designed, engineered and built in Europe.
We will repeat the European success with an ambitious program for America. We have a realistic and achievable mission to become the market leader in the USA in the next 3-5 years.

Finding the right partners

To achieve those aims, we have identified how important Spa Consultants are in the buying process for many salons, spas and esthetic businesses. We have done a great deal of research, surveys and mystery shopping exercises in the North American market, and are absolutely clear that Elysion-Pro beats all the competition hands down.

We are now looking to make significant alliances with Spa Consultants who are able to reach and advise business owners on the efficacy of Elysion-Pro, and the wisdom of acquiring a device.
We believe that developing a strong network of referrals, from trusted partners, is the way to do this.

End the chaos!

Right now, the Laser Hair Removal market in the USA is confusing for spa and salon owners, and for their customers. Spa Consultants like you have the knowledge and credibility to guide owners to the right buying decision, based on solid facts.

We have those facts, and a brilliant product. You have the contacts, experience, and can straight-talk with your customers.

Together we can end the chaos surrounding laser hair removal treatment, and provide clarity and a real solution. That solution is Elysion-Pro, and we really should be talking with you!

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