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We are quite sure that Elysion-Pro offers the surest route to profitability, along with the quickest Return On Investment of all Laser Hair Removal devices on the market. But don’t just take our word for it! On this page you can do your own math with an easy to use calculator.

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The National picture

The figures are based on estimates derived from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 2019 survey, as well as pooled information from a variety of spa and esthetic businesses which were queried in ‘mystery shopper’ exercises. As such the prices shown in the calculator are a good general guideline across averaged National figures.

However, you know your local market best, and the degree to which these average prices reflect your own area. So you can pull the discount slider to the left to calculate an overall lesser yield, or indeed move to the right, if you are in an area commanding higher than average income from laser hair removal treatments.

Customize the data

What this means is that you can customize the data to a high degree, to make a really good estimate of your likely annual profitability. And don’t just do this exercise once! Play with different inputs to see how profitability can stack up in different ways. Shade the discount slider in both directions to observe how that impacts too.
This is a vital tool to reality-check owning an Elysion-Pro device.

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Profitable packages

The Discount rate slider also provides a way of seeing how selling packages to clients can uplift your business. We encourage owners to think about multiple-treatment ‘season ticket’ sales. But of course customers have the right to expect price reductions in exchange for upfront payments. The Discount rate % calculator shows how deeply you can discount, and still remain highly profitable.

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Increased productivity

Remember too that Elysion-Pro is up to 4 x faster to use than any other laser hair removal device on the market. This means that you can either treat more individual customers in a given time, or treat more body areas of a customer. Either way, it means increased productivity… and profitability.
Profitability isn’t a matter of ‘smoke and mirrors’. It’s about hard facts, and sensible decision-making, like deciding about discount rates.

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Would you be interested in $180,000 profit per year, for a much smaller, one-time investment?

Try our Profit Calculator below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The figures derived from the Profit Calculator are indicative-only, but should function to help you define likely profitability levels.

Did we get your attention with our Profit calculator?
It’s positive proof that owning and operating an Elysion-Pro is a direct route to lasting profitability.