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The Elysion-Pro laser hair removal system is the flagship product of Cocoon Medical, a pioneering aesthetic medical technology company from Barcelona, Spain. With over a million treatments worldwide, and machines in more than 70 countries, this is a well-established product and number one in the European market.
Elysion-Pro has had European medical certification for several years, and is now fully FDA approved across the USA. You can find out much more about this amazing system.

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Elysion-Pro utilizes a new generation diode laser with significantly higher power rating, to remove hair, using ultra-short pulses. The hair gets heated more effectively, and therefore is killed off – not merely damaged - while the surrounding skin is not heated, so there is significantly less discomfort for the client.

While the laser runs hotter onto the hair follicles, the surrounding skin is cooled by Crystal Freeze technology.

This means your clients will have a much more comfortable experience, and no unpleasant side effects to their skin.

What’s more, Elysion-Pro is approved for use with all 6 classifications of skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale. That means more customers coming to you for treatments, whatever the season.

Static mode

  • 1, 2, 3Hz with high fluence
  • 1Hz - For difficult areas and maximum precision
  • 3Hz - Maximum speed = maximum profitability
  • Most effective for fine residual hair
  • Best for subsequent sessions
  • Good for smaller areas

Dynamic mode

  • 5, 10 and 15Hz with short pulses 
  • Maximum effectiveness even on fine hair
  • Most effective for large areas of hair
  • Most effective for first sessions
  • Male clients and high density hair

With 2 or 3 or 4 wavelengths delivered with Ultra Short Pulse technology, 2 spot sizes, more power than any competitor systems, plus Crystal Freeze skin comfort, Elysion-Pro is the logical, affordable and profitable choice for your business.

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The world came to a common conclusion. Elysion Pro is one of the most efficient, fast, non-pain and affordable treatment in the market. Why? Due to its unique technology which combines super short pulses with high power.