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Does your State demand medical supervision for laser hair removal?

Across America we enjoy superb landscapes, beautiful architecture, and a rich cultural history. Every State you visit, there are differences which help make that place stand out from all the rest.

However our legislation is also varied,

and nowhere more so than in the way individual States decide what constitutes a medical procedure.

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In-demand and profitable

Those in the esthetics business may well have been attracted to the potential of becoming a Laser Hair Removal owner and operator. It’s an in-demand and profitable service, and in many States there’s no barrier to getting up and running. In other States, there are requirements for medical supervision from a qualified Physician, and these legal demands can put the brakes on ownership.

Help is at hand

At LAX Distribution we’re aware of this impediment to owning and operating our game-changing laser hair removal system, Elysion-Pro (in some States) and we want to help. How? By putting salons and esthetics practitioners in touch with suitably qualified and interested Physicians in your area. With a supervision agreement in place between you and your appointed Physician, regulations are satisfied, and you’re able to purchase and operate an Elysion-Pro system.

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We will help you find the Doctor you need... take responsibility for the legal sign-off, allowing you to get going with our unique, safe, and highly effective laser hair removal system. The scheme means that day-to-day operation and management stays with you – which is exactly what you want – while the appointed Doctor acts in a titular supervisory mode.

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We are currently actively recruiting Physicians throughout States with these legal requirements, and our database is growing daily.

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Our mission is always to make it as easy as possible for aesthetics practitioners to own and operate the best LHR system on the market, Elysion-Pro. We’re here to help.