More on the LHR Revolution
More on the LHR Revolution

Everything you need to know about laser hair removal

If you’re interested in Laser Hair Removal, and laser hair removal devices, then you’ve come to the right place for comparisons of system types and their relative features and benefits.

Here at LAX, North American distributor of the newest laser hair removal device on the market, we’re keen to spread the word about our marvelous system, Elysion-Pro, and the many advantages it offers. However we don’t expect you to just take our word for it, which is why we’ve produced this handy comparator, showing the three main types of traditional laser devices, and how Elysion-Pro fits into that landscape.

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What are the best and most cost-effective offerings in the market, and how are the latest technologies developing? If you’re considering buying an LHR system, which option will deliver the best ROI?

Our representatives are ready to supply you with all the information you require to make the best available decision for your needs. 

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About Elysion-Pro

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Is the world’s best diode laser hair depilation system.

It’s highly effective, ultra-safe, comfortable for clients, and profitable for owners. That adds up to a laser-bright and successful future!

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