Plant the seeds now

Anyone who enjoys being outdoors - maybe in a park, or forest, or gardening - knows that this time of year is, well… kind of dead. Or at least it seems that way at first sight. The beautiful colors of Fall have gone, and now the ground is rock hard. It's cold, there could be snow, and those lazy days of summer seem a very distant dream. 

And yet, look more closely. There may be signs of tiny buds on the branches of trees. Beneath the soil, seeds are making their first attempts to push up to the light. So although it seems like most of nature is fast asleep, we know that there's a whole heap of stuff going on. Take squirrels - those clever guys who lay in a stock of food at the start of winter, then hunker down for a long snooze. They’ve figured out that when the weather gets warmer, they will wake again, reach for their stack of acorns and engage with the coming spring. 

Spring blossoms

You know what? We humans aren't so different. Except sometimes we're not...

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