Launching a business with Elysion-Pro

Many manufacturers and sales organizations work hard to make the sale of their product. And then… Well, then that’s about it. They move on to the next sales prospect, and they’re not really concerned about their customer making a success of the business. Of course they’ll be interested in selling you spare parts or consumables, but whether business is booming or in a slump is of little concern. 

At LAX Distribution, we have a different philosophy. First of all, we are business owners and entrepreneurs ourselves. We have started companies, and have steered them through times of difficulty. Right now is probably one of the most stressful times ever for small businesses, such as those in the Spa, Esthetics and Salon industry. We understand what it’s like when it seems every decision could be the wrong one. Do you spend your way out of difficulties – for example by buying new equipment – or do you sit tight and control your outgoings as...

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For an Executive Summary, majoring on the financial details and profitability of Elysion-Pro, we have a brochure for you. That’s a super-quick guide to how the system offers such a great Return On Investment.