ROI 101

We all make assumptions. That’s OK, because if we always had to explain what a ‘cup’ is, and what ‘coffee’ is we’d never get to meet our friends for a cup of coffee. So assuming some common ground is a basic that we all follow, all the time. Or most of the time anyway.

As the distributor of the Elysion Pro laser hair removal system, the team often mentions the superb Return On Investment which our product delivers. People nod in agreement, but are we guilty of assuming they know exactly what we’re talking about? Of course owners of Spas and Salons clearly understand profitability, but is ROI too fancy a term? It’s a concept that comes from the world of corporate business, and perhaps the details seem unclear. So let’s dive a little deeper into ROI, and see why it’s an important tool in assessing the purchase of new equipment.

Everyday ROI calculations

In our everyday life, we rarely run a formal measurement of Return On...

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Debt Busting with Elysion Pro

OK, it’s career choice time! Do you want to train as:

A) A physician


B) A cosmetologist

Both jobs help people feel better and good about themselves. Both jobs require a period of training. For a doctor this will be years and years, while for a beautician, typically a one year course will get them qualified. 

So in terms of time invested, working in the Esthetics industry wins easily, but what about potential earnings when the diploma is finally awarded? According to a 2018 Medscape Physician Compensation Report, Primary Care Physicians earned $237,000 a year, while Specialists earned $341,000. These are average earnings, but even the lowest-paid 25% of Doctors made around $112,210. Compare and contrast with average annual earnings of Beauty School graduates of around $26,000 a year.
So have you decided yet whether to be a Doctor or a Beautician? OK, we know this is a bit like comparing apples with oranges, but stay with us on this!

Racking up debt

What about the ...

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Guaranteeing Return on Investment

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what’s for real. We get hit with fake news and false claims all the time, but somewhere in all that noise, there must be some truth, right? 

Like most other distributors and manufacturers, we make claims for our product, and at Elysion Pro we are proud of the uniqueness of that product, the game-changing Elysion-Pro Laser Hair Removal system. We know that when we tell prospective customers how great the device is, we can back every claim with science, and great user stories. We’ve worked hard to give salon owners and people in the esthetics industry a lot of factual data to help them make the right buying decision - to choose Elysion-Pro as their next (or first) laser hair removal device. But what about the financial side, and how can we help separate out the noise of fake news from real facts that will help you make an informed buying decision? This guide will help.

Assessing ROI

When we buy something, we all make...

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