ROI 101

We all make assumptions. That’s OK, because if we always had to explain what a ‘cup’ is, and what ‘coffee’ is we’d never get to meet our friends for a cup of coffee. So assuming some common ground is a basic that we all follow, all the time. Or most of the time anyway.

As the distributor of the Elysion Pro laser hair removal system, the team often mentions the superb Return On Investment which our product delivers. People nod in agreement, but are we guilty of assuming they know exactly what we’re talking about? Of course owners of Spas and Salons clearly understand profitability, but is ROI too fancy a term? It’s a concept that comes from the world of corporate business, and perhaps the details seem unclear. So let’s dive a little deeper into ROI, and see why it’s an important tool in assessing the purchase of new equipment.

Everyday ROI calculations

In our everyday life, we rarely run a formal measurement of Return On...

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Hitting the sweet spot

Every successful and long-lasting product or service has to find its sweet spot - the place where features, benefits and cost overlap to produce something viable. Let’s look at some examples:

Industrialist Henry Ford introduced his Model T automobile in 1908, and rapidly changed the world. His wasn’t the first car on the market, but within 10 years half of all cars on the roads of America were model Ts. The design was easy to operate and maintain, and the price was right. Cars were no longer the playthings of wealthy people, but provided a revolution in transport. By our modern standards the features were limited, but the benefits were massive compared to previous horse-drawn transport. 

And so it goes for another ground-breaking invention, the ‘acoustic telegraph’ of Alexander Graham Bell. Today we know this device from 1876 as the telephone, which also helped massively change the world we live in. It’s the subject of jokes - how could the...

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