Planning a Pro-fitable New Year

Here’s a special announcement: There’s the tiniest chance that you may have not noticed, so just in case… It will soon be Christmas and the Holiday Season! Did that news come as a surprise? Probably not, and yet every year the festivities come around and there’s always something that we’ve forgotten, or left to the last minute. Has all the shopping been done, the presents wrapped, the decorations put up? If you’re one of those people who can answer ‘Yes’ to all of that, then congratulations, you belong to a very select group. 

For the rest of us mere mortals, Christmas is a time when there always seems to be another thing on the list. As we check one thing off, another appears!

Party time!

In our businesses there’s also so much to do that it’s easy to forget to plan ahead, but remember, there’s a New Year coming soon, with fresh opportunities and the possibility of improving profitability. Right now the chances...

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Don’t hibernate this Fall

It’s that time of year when many sensible woodland creatures prepare for a long snooze, before the weather gets any colder. Squirrels for instance will save a store of nuts, either to nibble on from time to time as they wake during the long Winter, or as a feast for when the Spring comes. Fall is, in other words, a time of preparation in the natural world, and there are lessons we can learn from that. Perhaps flying south to warmer places might be the most attractive idea, but there are also businesses to run and we have to keep the wheels turning on them.

Tempting customers

In Spas and Salons, preparing for the Winter months can be helped greatly by having a new offering to excite the interest of customers. They may not travel across town for nuts or berries, but they can certainly be tempted by news of a new service or device in the business. If you’re already into laser hair removal, then you’re probably feeling that your prep for the months ahead might include...

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