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We stay in touch with our customer base - the Spas and Salons of the World - even if not all of them are as yet users of Elysion Pro, our game changing laser hair removal system. We like to hear what businesses are saying about their experience of the esthetics market, and what they’re looking for in the equipment they need to run a profitable enterprise. Of course we firmly believe that Elysion Pro is the answer to great Return On Investment, and the highest levels of treatment efficacy. But what about Salons or Spas using other laser hair removal devices? How happy are they with their equipment, and how do they reach out to their potential market?

The ‘medical’ angle

One interesting example came from a business which we looked at recently, advertising their use of a previous generation laser hair removal device. They made a virtue of the fact that staff are all, ‘True medical professionals’ (such as board certified nurse practitioners) and...

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