Preparing for summer?

It’s a new year, and time to start thinking about a beach holiday. Or a pool party. Or a summer vacation. Say what?

Let’s face it, 2020 wasn’t such a bed of roses, and we can all hope that 2021 does better in helping create happiness and sweet memories. As the year turns, people are starting to think to the months ahead, when the weather will be warmer, when it’s time for barbecues, swimming… and being seen in skimpy clothing. It’s nice to dream about for many people, and a coming nightmare for others. These are the people who have more body hair than they’d like, and battle to stay on top of its removal. The lockdowns of last year made it harder to get treatments, and now they’re seriously worrying about the schedule that will see them ‘beach ready’ by the summer.

Feeling good is not always so easy

Anyone who has had Laser Hair Removal treatments (and any salon owner who has given them) knows that it’s not something...

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