Choosing wisely and well

As consumers we face choices all the time. Which food is ‘best’ for ourselves or our family? Which car is the ‘best’ to drive? The answer is rarely simple, or easy, because there are many factors to take into account. In the case of an automobile, are we interested most in cruising speed, capacity, or safety? And if the answer is ‘all of the above’ then do we simply buy on price? No, of course not! We weigh up all the options before committing to the purchase.

The same criteria apply to the acquisition of medical and esthetic systems designed to be used in a clinical or salon setting. The market is full of devices which promise much, at many different price points, but how to choose wisely and well?

Let’s get specific here: in this blog we’ll be looking at devices for Laser Hair Removal, and assessing the different types, and their features and benefits. There’s certainly a market for Laser Hair Removal  – even in...

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A Lambo for the price of a Chevy?

You’re in the market for a new car, so you’re scanning the listings. Your eye is caught by the description of a Lamborghini supercar which is selling at a fraction of the price you were planning to pay, plus it’s brand new. Tempting? Or is it one of those ‘too good to be true’ offers? Maybe a misprint, or even worse, a scam. 

That’s seemingly not so different to the arrival of the game-changing Elysion-Pro Laser Hair Removal system in the USA. The pricing just seems so unlikely. How can a clearly superior product, offering increased functions, sell for half the price of the nearest competitor device? The usual first assumption is that it must be a re-badged Chinese machine, perhaps not entirely suitable for use in America.

Myth busting

Well the first myth to bust is that Elysion-Pro is fully approved by the FDA, and is a genuine European-designed and constructed system. Production is in Spain, where labor costs are less than the USA, and in...

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Solving the pinch points in beauty salons

Businesses everywhere are facing problems and pinch points, and the Beauty and Salon industry is no different.
Problem one is that spending on cosmetic treatments is somewhat discretionary, and when money is tight, maybe that’s one of the ‘nice-to-haves’ rather than a must-have. Still, people will put off only for a while the decision to do something major, like hair removal. Sooner or later, clients will decide that their treatment simply can’t be delayed any longer. However, hair removal is one of those things, like visiting the orthodontist, that is hardly enjoyable. Waxing, plucking or shaving are only temporary solutions, and they can hurt. So can Laser Hair Removal, even though it offers a more permanent solution, over time. Many clients come to dread their LHR treatments, because of the discomfort they experience, and the unsightly swelling of their skin after a session.

The unique LHR solution

Now there is a solution, in the form of Europe’s...

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Is Big Science racist?

elysionpro lhr revolution Jul 26, 2020

Many African Americans have white blood cell counts below the normal range of people of European descent. Many African Americans are more susceptible to inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s. Racial and Ethnic Differences in Mortality at Older Ages by Irma T. Elo and Samuel H. Preston shows that, ‘Black death rates consistently exceed white death rates’ up to the age of 70.


These, and many other comparisons of the imbalance between races are facts. They are backed by large scale epidemiological studies, and census information going back nearly a century. I’ll tell you why I have become more aware of this in a moment, but first I’d like to look at the question: Is Big Science therefore racist?

Name a scientist

Personally I don’t like the terms ‘black’ or ‘white’ to describe people. It’s a lazy shorthand, but as we all know how it is used, here’s a challenge: Name ten white scientists, and ten black...

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Embarrassed by body hair?

elysionpro lhr nobodyhair Jul 06, 2020

Many people feel uncomfortable about having what they feel is too much body hair, or having hair in ‘the wrong places’. This is particularly the case for women, but lots of men are also keen to improve their esthetics by removing excess or unwanted hair.
The traditional method of hair removal – using a razor – is still used by an estimated two thirds of all women wishing to depilate, however this has many disadvantages. It’s time consuming, can cause nicks, and worst of all is only the most temporary of fixes. Very soon the hair re-grows and because it now has a blunt tip from the razor cut, it can seem more coarse and ‘stubbly’.

Pluck it out!

Another approach is to pluck out individual hairs using tweezers – a painful and time-consuming activity! Waxing is offered by many cosmeticians and beauticians as a better alternative, which has longer-lasting results, and yet still doesn’t address the issue of re-growth. Now the hair is...

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The Elysion-Pro story begins

Sam is a business man. He divides her time between living in the USA, and in the UAE. It was while in the UAE, he booked an appointment for Laser Hair Removal. Sam had treatments for LHR in the past, and knew the process to be somewhat painful, producing swelling and discomfort around the treated area for days afterwards. He went to a new salon, prepared for another less-than-pleasant session, and was very surprised.

“It wasn’t painful, my skin didn’t get hot or swollen, and I wasn’t red and blotchy afterwards,” says Sam. He asked the beautician who was giving him the treatment what this ‘magic’ system was, and soon learned about the Elysion-Pro LHR device. Elysion-Pro is the market leader in Europe, having been launched there several years ago. Sam was particularly interested in the fact that the system is a fully European product, being designed and manufactured in Europe. No far-eastern short-cut technology, no...

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