Marketing: the Big Picture

Big companies have marketing departments - often very large marketing departments. Even then they will usually contract out a lot of their marketing work to specialist companies, such as social media and website experts. Corporations don’t do this for fun, spending a significant proportion of their income on making sure that their ‘audience’ - their customers - know what is on offer. That process goes on and on, whether the company makes a popular soft drink, or runs a successful streaming service. There is never a time when marketing is not needed. Marketing produces results, and the company which doesn’t market itself will soon suffer the consequences.

The smaller picture

Compare and contrast to a much smaller existing company, or perhaps even a startup. And let’s get specific: we’re talking here of a Spa or Salon which wants to let customers know about laser hair removal services. Clearly such a business has nowhere like the muscle and spending...

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The season lasts all year

This year, perhaps more than any other, people are ready for their vacations. That often means time spent outdoors, and looking good, feeling good. For many lighter-skinned people, preparing for summer also means tanning themselves, either in sunlight, or at salons. Meanwhile, a great many men and women want to be ready for the pool party or beach by having hair removed that they find unsightly. So there are two complementary needs going on at the same time. Or are they complementary?

The run-up to summer

The run-up to summer vacations should be the time that Salons and Spas are really busy helping customers prepare for when they’ll be showing more of their flesh. Presuming that many of those customers will not opt for shaving, waxing or plucking to remove excess body hair, what remains is laser hair removal. Here’s the catch though - if a business has an older first-generation laser device, this is precisely the time when it can be used less and less. Isn’t that...

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Going to Las Vegas

It seems that everyone goes to Las Vegas at least once. Perhaps it’s to dream of making a fortune at the tables, or to have an unforgettable vacation… or to attend one of the great Trade Fairs there. 

At Elysion-Pro we’re excited to announce that we’ll be exhibiting for the first time ever at The Medical Spa Show, AmSpa, from May 5th to 8th at Wynn Las Vegas (Exhibition May 6-7). The event is already sold out so we’re looking forward to welcoming the many attendees to our Booth 722.

Buzzing about Vegas

Here we’ll be demonstrating our revolutionary Elysion Pro laser hair removal device which is changing the way owners and customers view laser hair removal. Owners recognize the huge potential of rapid ROI, and making laser hair removal profitable. Customers appreciate the pain-free, comfortable and faster treatments. The word is spreading, and the buzz is strong!

What’s more, to help the buzz along, we’re issuing vouchers worth...

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Starting a business - with Elysion Pro

Every successful business of every size has something in common: dreams. Founders of businesses dare to dream - to create new opportunities for themselves and others, to use new technologies and ways of working to make life better.

The same is true in the Spa and Beauty industry, and we salute the owners across America who have put everything into making their dream of running a business come true.
There’s also another group of people in the same sector - those thinking of taking the step into starting a business. It’s exciting, yes, but it’s also kinda scary, especially in the current climate, as we drag ourselves from out of the post-pandemic rubble. 

Helping you go forward

So to help existing and new owners of Spas and Salons, here’s a guide to starting - or continuing - a successful business. The central point here is the game-changing Elysion Pro laser hair removal system, which has been building in the U.S. market since Fall 2020. If you...

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Home vs Pro

Should a business ever opt to use tools designed for home use? How would you feel if you saw a professional without the right equipment? Maybe a wedding photographer who turns up at the event with only a 10 buck disposable camera? That’s not going to impress anyone, and certainly won’t deliver the kind of results that the happy couple are hoping for. 

Let’s face it, Professionals use the right tools for the job because they are well-built, reliable, and proven. They also have to do exactly what they’re supposed to do, time and time again. A Pro whose tools let them down is basically not a Pro.

The downside is that professional equipment costs more than amateur equipment, but that’s obvious isn’t it? A kid’s student guitar won’t cut it at a stadium rock concert. An NFL player needs better armor than a six year old Youth Football player. And your physician really better have the most up to date equipment to give you an accurate...

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At the leading edge

If you’re interested in laser hair removal using the Elysion Pro system, then that means you are keen on looking at the very latest technology. Perhaps you’re one of those people who are also thinking of an electric vehicle as your next auto purchase. Maybe you’re even imagining the day when self-driving cars are also commonly available.

Whether you're a technology buff who likes to be at the leading edge, or simply someone who wants to invest more flexibly, we thought you should know about our latest offer:

You can now buy an Elysion Pro using Bitcoin

We figured that if you can buy a top of the range Tesla with cryptocurrency (and you can), then why not the top of the market Elysion Pro laser hair removal system? It makes sense to acquire premium technology using a method of purchasing which is so up to date and convenient.


Providing options

If you’re not a techno/crypto wizard, don’t worry! Good old fashioned dollars using a variety of payment...

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Getting past the last obstacle

Here’s the thing: You’ve done your homework, researched the market, and decided that the Elysion Pro laser hair removal device is the one for you. All good.

But perhaps there’s a last obstacle to overcome - does your State demand medical supervision for laser hair removal? The rules across the country differ state-by-state and range from mandatory supervision by a physician, through to far more relaxed regulations.

So how do you find out what the rules are in your state, what help you may need, and how to get it?

Ahead of the curve

Well fortunately we are one step ahead of the curve, and have been gathering information about the rules for laser hair removal in each state, and where necessary, how to satisfy them. So you don’t have to deep dive into researching tedious and hard to find details, because we have them already! 

A growing database

What’s more, we are collecting a growing database of physicians around the country who are qualified and...

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No going back

Higher quality costs more, right? We’re used to this idea in food and drink, or fashion, but there is one area where higher quality consistently costs less and less. That’s in the technologies which we all use day in, day out. For example, we can now buy and use a laptop for less than $400 and surf the internet, watch movies, write emails and do our accounts. Way back in 1972 the HP 3000 was a significant ‘business class’ computer which sold for $95,000, basically just to handle accounting duties. Today’s inflation-adjusted price for that machine would be around $570,000.
Or take the smartphone in your pocket, which has roughly 100,000 times the processing power of the computer that took Apollo 11 to the moon. What’s more, you bought your phone for a microscopic fraction of NASA’s budget. Simply put, there’s no going back.

Quality and cost

The sliding scale of high quality and low cost is ever more apparent in the field of laser hair...

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The New Easy

So you go to the Dentist. He has a manic gleam in his eyes as he says, “Shall we do this the hard way, or..?” At that point you might run screaming from the surgery. If it was a serious question from your Dentist, then for sure you’ll opt for, “Easy, please.” - Take a hit of the ol’ laughing gas, and let the work begin. 

The strange thing is that we’re often confronted with the choice between ‘hard’ and ‘easy’, no more so than in the esthetics industry. Many of us need and want services such as hair removal, but are we really prepared to suffer quite so much? Do we have to do things the hard way?
For example, have you ever tried shaving your legs with a blunt razor? Or perhaps pulling out each hair individually using tweezers? In truth, the previous generation of Laser Hair Removal devices weren’t a whole lot better than that. The result? Discomfort and pain, mainly because no laser hair removal devices were...

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Guaranteeing Return on Investment

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what’s for real. We get hit with fake news and false claims all the time, but somewhere in all that noise, there must be some truth, right? 

Like most other distributors and manufacturers, we make claims for our product, and at Elysion Pro we are proud of the uniqueness of that product, the game-changing Elysion-Pro Laser Hair Removal system. We know that when we tell prospective customers how great the device is, we can back every claim with science, and great user stories. We’ve worked hard to give salon owners and people in the esthetics industry a lot of factual data to help them make the right buying decision - to choose Elysion-Pro as their next (or first) laser hair removal device. But what about the financial side, and how can we help separate out the noise of fake news from real facts that will help you make an informed buying decision? This guide will help.

Assessing ROI

When we buy something, we all make...

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