Take a good look around

We’re always trying to do everything we can to help people see the game-changing value of our Elysion Pro laser hair removal system. However, we get that it’s difficult to appreciate the superb design and robust construction simply from static images. The most complete way of learning about Elysion Pro is to use the system of course, which is why we recently took to the highways of America with our Roadshow. But for anyone who missed that, we figured that the next best thing is to take a walk around a device and have a look for yourself.

The 360° view

How to do this? Well, we’ve made it very easy for you! We have just launched a unique 360° viewer which lets you look at Elysion Pro from all angles, controlled by you with your computer mouse. You can also zoom in to see features more closely, and there are two short videos which can be clicked on. They provide a quick explanation of the handpiece, and of the screen, including a guide to starting a treatment....

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The American Revolution began a process that has changed the world we all live in. When the Revolutionary War ended in 1783 with the creation of a new country, it is said to have then inspired the start of the French Revolution in 1789. Since then there have been other major revolutions and regime changes, and with the collapse of the Soviet Union beginning in 1989, countries across Eastern Europe had peaceful revolutions as they escaped from Communist rule.
So why is revolution in the air in this week’s Blog? Because ‘revolution’ and ‘revolutionary’ are words frequently used to describe products in today’s world, and it’s worth examining what is meant by that. We even label our own product, the Elysion Pro laser hair removal system as ‘revolutionary’, so we’ll examine that statement too and see if it stands up.


‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’ is an old phrase, used by Scientist Isaac Newton...

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Permanently forever

Look at that happy couple! They just promised to love each other forever, and who can find fault with that? Their affection may fade over time, but we really want the happiness they have found to be permanent.
The desire for permanency runs through a lot of what we do: We’d like our bank account to be in permanently positive figures, and we have a right to expect the house roof to stay on, permanently. In reality what we mean is ‘for a very long time’, preferably after we have handed the house on to our descendents. The point is that ‘forever’ and ‘permanent’ are not absolute terms. 

In the field of laser hair removal, we often talk about permanent solutions, and this has been taken up by the general public. But how true are the claims made for laser hair removal, and how should Spa and Salon owners manage customer expectations?

Kinda permanent?

First, let’s look at the alternatives to laser hair removal - waxing, plucking and...

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A History of Hair Removal, Part II

In the first part of this Blog, we travelled through 3,000 years of hair removal methods, right up to the 1990s when the then 30 year old technology of lasers was applied to depilation. The principles of the laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) were first proposed by that giant of science, Albert Einstein, back in 1917, but it took nearly 40 years before the practical fruits of his theorizing came into being. From early on however the potential for medical use was recognised, and the first ophthalmic treatment came in 1961 with the destruction of a retinal tumor of a patient at the Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan.

The following year a new form of laser (and we’ll get to the different types in a moment) was developed at Bell Labs, and soon their Nd:YAG device was being used in vision correction, and some cosmetic applications. It was said to be more effective than the original ruby lasers which were the first to be developed.

Lasers go...

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A History of Hair Removal, Part I

Many animals have pretty spectacular ways of attracting attention. Think of the tail feathers of a peacock, or of all the fish which can change color depending on their state of excitement, or their desire to hide.
In comparison, we humans are a rather dull bunch, except in one respect: we have hair. It can be sculpted, styled, shaved in patterns, plaited, grown into dreadlocks, tinted and dyed. As a species we’ve been doing that forever, and even our cave people ancestors did a spot of coloring using clays, and the juice of berries. In the Bible (1 Corinthians 11:15), the ‘glory’ of a woman’s hair is referred to, and of course men can be equally proud of their hairstyle, with many today taking just as much care in being well groomed as women.

Smooth = ‘perfect’?

Removing hair has also been of major interest to people since ancient times, and that’s not just about trimming the head hair, or the beard. The Ancient Greeks developed ideals...

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Getting back to business

Here’s a trivia question for you: According to the Guiness Book of Records, which song has over 67,000 different versions available across all audio formats?

If you need a clue, it was written by George Gershwin in 1934.

Chances are you’ve guessed the song by now, whether in various modern punk and soul variants, or in its original form, from the opera Porgy and Bess. It’s that evergreen classic with the vivid opening line, ‘Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…’

In Summertime the living is easy, or at least easier. Warm weather means there’s no need to wrap up against howling winds and rain. We can get out and about in the great outdoors and enjoy good food in the open air. Parents have their kids at home with them or on vacation, and for a while, there’s the feeling that maybe we don’t need to work too hard, or too long. Perhaps more than ever this summer we all had the feeling that we’d earned a break after the long...

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Counting the cost of discounts

What a brilliant idea! Combine the buying power of a group to get coupons issued offering hugely discounted prices on goods and services. Consumers win by getting what they want much cheaper, and suppliers win by massively increasing their catchment: Pile ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap. It should work, shouldn’t it?

The Groupon concept (a word made up of ‘Group’ and ‘Coupon’) has been around since 2008, and yes, it has worked for a lot of people and a lot of businesses, but there are pitfalls.

Salons and Groupon

Let’s look specifically at the Spa and Salon industry, and how Groupon promotions can help, or sometimes set-back the progress of a business.

Probably the biggest positive for a Spa or Salon exposed through the Groupon network is that it is effectively receiving ‘free’ advertising. Groupon reaches people that the business might not normally be able to find, so that must be a good thing. Or is it? If too many people...

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Debt Busting with Elysion Pro

OK, it’s career choice time! Do you want to train as:

A) A physician


B) A cosmetologist

Both jobs help people feel better and good about themselves. Both jobs require a period of training. For a doctor this will be years and years, while for a beautician, typically a one year course will get them qualified. 

So in terms of time invested, working in the Esthetics industry wins easily, but what about potential earnings when the diploma is finally awarded? According to a 2018 Medscape Physician Compensation Report, Primary Care Physicians earned $237,000 a year, while Specialists earned $341,000. These are average earnings, but even the lowest-paid 25% of Doctors made around $112,210. Compare and contrast with average annual earnings of Beauty School graduates of around $26,000 a year.
So have you decided yet whether to be a Doctor or a Beautician? OK, we know this is a bit like comparing apples with oranges, but stay with us on this!

Racking up debt

What about the ...

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The Best Blogs Blog

If there’s one thing we modern humans love doing it’s:

  1. Compiling lists
  2. Arguing about the 10 best ever whatevers 
  3. Reading the 3 top ways to lose/gain weight
  4. Checking out 7 places to visit before we die
  5. Making a list of the greatest power ballads
  6. Deciding the top 6 Elysion Pro Blogs of the last year

Hang about, what was that last one?
Let’s explain: In our Elysion Pro team we have Gennifer (“Gennifer with a G”). Gennifer is great at statistics and loves to tell everyone about percentages. Like the percentage of red cars which pass the office on any given day - that sort of thing. So when Gennifer began compiling a list of our most-read Blogs over the last year, it seemed like just another example of her counting things. “Guess which is our number one Blog!” Gennifer said excitedly when her list was finished. People started guessing… and we were all wrong. 

And that started us thinking.

Catching up on missed info

The Elysion...

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Never put off till tomorrow...

Time to write the latest Elysion Pro Blog. But perhaps first a cup of coffee, and maybe check Social Media, or the news. Oh, look! Jeff Bezos has had himself blasted into space…

It’s so easy to get distracted isn’t it? We know what we need to do, but there are always other things to claim our time and energy. As Thomas Jefferson said, "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." But maybe he didn’t get distracted by Facebook.

The fact is that there comes a time when we simply have to commit if we want anything to progress. As the countdown to launch Mr Bezos into space reached ‘zero’, someone pressed the proverbial red button, and there was no turning back. The rocket was on its way, and it was too late to say, ‘Hang on, I’ve had second thoughts.’ 

None of us will be getting fired off beyond the stratosphere any time soon, but we each have moments in our lives where we made decisions which had massive consequences:...

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