Your holiday wish-list

Are you prepared for the holiday season? Presents for everyone, treats ready? The feeling that a long, maybe tough year is coming to an end? But however you celebrate the season, is there one thing you’re forgetting? It’s the thing you probably rely on to supply you with holiday cheer, and it needs some love and attention too: your business.

The gift that keeps on giving

Let’s face it, most businesses haven’t had an easy year of it. If yours is one of the few that have, then congratulations! Celebrate your success with something special that will help your business be even more successful in 2021. For the majority of owners however, this year has not been easy, and your business needs a gift that will keep on giving, through the season, and on into a profitable New Year.
That gift is an Elysion-Pro Laser Hair Removal system, the high-quality, European-developed and engineered device that is rapidly changing the way laser hair removal is practiced in the USA. Elysion-Pro has numerous advantages over all the now-obsolete competition, including pain-free treatments, and the ability to work with all skin types.

What does your business want?

So if your business could write a note to Santa, what would it ask for? – Profitability, into the New Year. And Santa and his little helpers, being kindly and clever gift-givers would most certainly see to it that your business received an Elysion-Pro system – the surest way to profitability going forward.
And it’s not just about the holiday season, because those kind little elves at the IRS also want to join in the giving, with their Section 179 Tax Reduction scheme. Get an Elysion-Pro system for your business for Christmas, and receive deep tax deferments if you order before 31st December 2020. And at LAX distribution we’re playing our part in helping Santa and the IRS make Christmas a merry one for your business. How? By working all through the holidays, that’s how! We’ll be ready with a cheery ‘Ho ho ho’ to take your calls right up to five minutes before noon (Pacific Time) on December 30. Delivery of your device – although maybe not by reindeer and sleigh – is within three working days of your order, so your business can start the year on a new, highly profitable track.

Show some love…

So this Christmas, as you tick through your ‘To Do’ list, make sure that one very important present doesn’t get forgotten: Show some love for your business, and it will reward you though the times to come. Most of all, take advantage of our great offer, plus the tax discounts from those merry elves at the IRS, and you’ll see that Christmas is very definitely the time for giving – to your business, your staff and customers, and your future profitability.

Magic moments

Remember being a kid on Christmas morning, and seeing the exact present you’d dreamed of? The toy, the skateboard, the bicycle? It’s a magic moment that will probably never leave you. Your business deserves that too, so make sure that it’s not forgotten in your Seasonal plans.
Wishing you a peaceful and happy holidays, but first, make that call! We’re waiting to hear from you right through to five minutes before noon (Pacific Time) on December 30. Let’s make this Christmas one to remember… for all the right reasons!


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