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These days even multimillionaires are unlikely to light their cigars with $50 bills, and as for the rest of us, any chance to cut down on outgoings is welcome. Fortunately those nice people at the IRS have a scheme to encourage us to both spend and save. It’s called Section 179 Deduction, and if you’re not using it, you really should be!

Chances are you know about Section 179, but to avoid any doubt, here’s how it works: The IRS allows business owners to take immediate deductions on equipment, if it is bought before the deadline of December 31, 2020. It’s a well-established scheme without drawbacks, and why wouldn’t anyone take advantage of it! Take a look at a section179.org calculator to see the typical massive savings that can be made on purchasing equipment. It can make all the difference between whether a major item is bought in this year, or deferred to 2021.

If you buy one item of equipment in 2020…

Why are we telling you this? Because one major item of equipment that you should be seriously considering getting for your business is the game-changing Elysion-Pro Laser Hair Removal system, which comes out top in every comparison with every other now-obsolete LHR device on the market. In fact, if you buy just one major item of equipment in what’s left of 2020, make it an Elysion-Pro device. What’s more, Elysion-Pro sells at an already lower price than any competitor machine, with a feature-set significantly in advance of all the rest.
Now add in the ‘magic bullet’ of Section 179 Tax Deduction, and it’s clear that there will never be a better time to buy this revolutionary device. Unless of course you plan to purchase in 2021 and wait for a whole year to receive the benefits of Section 179!

Way ahead in features and benefits

With the stunning features and benefits of Elysion-Pro, the already low price, plus the Section 179 allowance, you’ll be all set to start next year with a new, highly profitable offering to your customers. Uniquely, Elysion-Pro is suitable for all skin types, all year round, so the system can be maximized to treat the most people, for the most time. Treatments are also on average four times faster. Elysion-Pro will not only satisfy existing LHR customers, with comfortable and pain-free effectiveness, but bring new clients to your door who were previously excluded from Laser Hair Removal because of skin type issues. More clients will also mean more interest in other esthetic services you may be offering, so expect a general uptick in your business.

The clock is ticking to December 31

To find out much more about the advantages of Elysion-Pro, and why it really is the game-changer in Laser Hair Removal, just click on the button below, which will also provide you with more information about how the Section 179 scheme works for you. But remember, the clock is ticking down to December 31, and that’s not just us advising you, it’s the IRS too!


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I don’t have money to burn, so I’d like to know about Elysion-Pro, and how IRS Section 179 will assist me in becoming more cost-effective and profitable.

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