Planning a Pro-fitable New Year

Here’s a special announcement: There’s the tiniest chance that you may have not noticed, so just in case… It will soon be Christmas and the Holiday Season! Did that news come as a surprise? Probably not, and yet every year the festivities come around and there’s always something that we’ve forgotten, or left to the last minute. Has all the shopping been done, the presents wrapped, the decorations put up? If you’re one of those people who can answer ‘Yes’ to all of that, then congratulations, you belong to a very select group. 

For the rest of us mere mortals, Christmas is a time when there always seems to be another thing on the list. As we check one thing off, another appears!

Party time!

In our businesses there’s also so much to do that it’s easy to forget to plan ahead, but remember, there’s a New Year coming soon, with fresh opportunities and the possibility of improving profitability. Right now the chances are that customers of Spas and Salons are getting themselves ready for parties and family gatherings. People want to look and feel great, so naturally they’ll turn to their local esthetics practitioner for help. One of the areas that many will be interested in is laser hair removal, either as a first try, or as part of a course of treatment. That means big potential for good business going forward.

A big story

Right now, it’s still not too late to take the initiative in the final run up to the holidays, using social media and flyers to reach out to potential customers and tell them that you’re here to help with their esthetic needs. If you already have a laser hair removal device, then you can spread the word about that. Even better, if you’re about to acquire a state of the art Elysion Pro system, then for sure you’ll have a big story to tell. What’s more, as the distributors of Elysion Pro, we’ll help you tell it, with our range of free posters, flyers and gift vouchers, which come bundled with the purchase of our device. Our job is to support owners every step of the way towards success and profitability.

Digging the goldmine

At this time of year, gift vouchers can be a real goldmine, especially if you’re using our ready-to-go attractive design. People are looking for unusual presents for their friends and partners, that will be really appreciated and show that the giver cares. What better than a course of laser hair removal using the very best device on the market? It’s hugely encouraging for the receiver of the gift, and of course ensures that they will keep returning for treatments. For the Salon or Spa, there’s a guaranteed income stream which can stretch half a year ahead, and is paid upfront. What’s not to like about that!

So what do you need to do as a business owner to ensure that your Christmas wish list includes a note to Santa to send you an Elysion Pro? Well, it’s kinda simple: just get in touch with us and we’ll have a word with the big man in red. And don’t forget those helpful little elves at the IRS! Under the IRS Section 179 scheme, the tax on any equipment purchase made before the end of this year won’t become due until the next tax period. That means in effect a big price discount, which will allow your new device to start earning its keep sooner, and recover your Return On Investment quicker. 

The fast track to success

And don’t be concerned about how long a new Elysion Pro will take to get up and running, and your staff trained on its use. The device is super simple and intuitive, and training time typically takes around 2 hours for an operator to be fully able to give treatments to customers. What this means is that although Christmas is almost here, if you act quickly, there'll still be some time to capitalize on the pre-season market.

But the real win will come in the New Year, if a business is already set up with an Elysion Pro. Come the cold days of January, many people will already be thinking of the summer, and dreaming of vacations, and days when they need only the most minimal clothing. For many, that will also mean minimal amounts of body hair. A full course of treatment may require some 6 months of regular laser hair removal, so it's clear that come January there is a big potential Summer market waiting to knock on the doors of Spas and Salons. If those businesses were also proactive in selling gift vouchers over Christmas, then even better!

A time of giving

Christmas is a time of giving, and receiving. What Salons and Spas can give is the chance for people to plan their laser hair removal treatments right into the year ahead, selling gift plans which will remain attractive long after the snows of winter have melted away. And what businesses receive in return is improved cash flow, and an uptick in customer numbers. We also observe that having an Elysion Pro as the cornerstone of an esthetics business acts as a ‘Customer Magnet’. People are attracted by the new offering of laser hair removal, and once they find that it’s a comfortable experience, they stay for other services. That brings huge added value to a business.

So as you make your Christmas wish lists for family and friends, remember to include your business. Your business would also like to have a Happy Christmas, which in its case means being more profitable. A profitable business is one that has a big smile on its face, and which is a pleasure to work in. What’s more, a profitable business is a successful one, and nothing appeals more to people than success. 

The stardust path

This Christmas, think about all that you can do as a business owner to make it a happy one, and ensure a stardust-sprinkled path into the New Year. You can do it, and with Elysion Pro you really will give both customers and staff a Christmas boost. 

Merry Christmas everyone… and an Elysion Pro-fitable New Year!


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