Preparing for summer?

It’s a new year, and time to start thinking about a beach holiday. Or a pool party. Or a summer vacation. Say what?

Let’s face it, 2020 wasn’t such a bed of roses, and we can all hope that 2021 does better in helping create happiness and sweet memories. As the year turns, people are starting to think to the months ahead, when the weather will be warmer, when it’s time for barbecues, swimming… and being seen in skimpy clothing. It’s nice to dream about for many people, and a coming nightmare for others. These are the people who have more body hair than they’d like, and battle to stay on top of its removal. The lockdowns of last year made it harder to get treatments, and now they’re seriously worrying about the schedule that will see them ‘beach ready’ by the summer.

Feeling good is not always so easy

Anyone who has had Laser Hair Removal treatments (and any salon owner who has given them) knows that it’s not something which can be done just any time. As a year progresses, increased exposure to sunshine interacts with all traditional laser treatment methodologies, causing discomfort, swelling, rashes and other unpleasant side effects. So exactly when people need to feel good about themselves, going about their summer activities, is when they can’t use laser hair removal. Add to that that all traditional laser hair removal systems are suited to – at most – only four of the six internationally-recognized skin types, and the problem is apparent. So it’s not an exaggeration to say that at the start of this new year, many clients for laser hair removal are already starting to plan their treatments, that will culminate in a summer look which will satisfy them. And don’t mention the other options of waxing, shaving and depilatory creams! Everyone knows that these are short term, inconvenient, and ineffective.

The game-changer

Of course it’s not just about being ‘beach ready’. Many people have a program of hair removal which they’d like to return to, or have special events in their diary – like a wedding for instance – for which they want to look good and feel great. They need Laser Hair Removal to fit into their schedule, and offer solutions which fit their needs. Salon owners would also very much like to be doing all year round laser hair removal business, and be able to treat all skin types. These needs and wishes now all come together in the game-changing Elysion-Pro Laser Hair Removal system. It’s the European-designed and manufactured device which is already number one in seventy countries worldwide, and which entered the US market with full FDA approval in the closing months of 2020. There’s a lot of data about the features and benefits available on the Elysion-Pro website, but enough to say here that this device answers each and every issue that has been a problem with laser hair removal treatment in the past. Now anyone can have treatment with Elysion-Pro, at any time of the year, with no pain, discomfort or unpleasant side-effects. It may seem hard to believe, but it’s absolutely true.

The win-win solution

What this means for customers is that they really can dream of a special occasion, or a poolside day in summer, where they are in control of their schedule that results in them being hair-free when and how they want. What it means for owners of Elysion-Pro is a massive uptick in potential treatments, and happier, more satisfied clients. With 30% more skin types treatable, all year round, that really is a significant increase in profitability and quick ROI.
And what about the speed of treatments? Well Elysion-Pro typically operates at up to four-times the speed of all other now-obsolete devices, which means that clients can have more of their body treated at the same time – an efficiency curve that business owners also greatly appreciate. A win-win? For sure!

Better times ahead

In the depths of Winter, with the pandemic not yet defeated, does it seem strange to be thinking of beach holidays or barbecues? Well, we humans are ever-optimistic, and there will be better times ahead. As those times come, we all need to do whatever it takes to feel good about ourselves. That way we’re more effective and dynamic. For those who have more body hair than they’d like, it can be an annoying - even debilitating – state, and so planning ahead is very important. For salon owners wishing to continue or extend their laser hair removal offering, forward planning is also vital. Elysion-Pro not only satisfies existing demand at a much higher level than previously, but it can create new demand.
In extending the market for laser hair removal using Elysion-Pro, owners are not alone in reaching out to clients. Exclusive North American distributor, LAX Distribution, goes the extra mile to help owners with marketing advisory information, templates and tips to spread the Elysion-Pro story. And there’s no doubt that customers help to spread the word too, encouraging friends to try the new, highly-effective, comfortable treatments. What’s not to like!

Gaining traction

The system has now been on sale in the USA for nearly two months, with significant interest and uptake from salons and esthetics businesses across the country. Initially sales were helped by a deeply discounted special launch price, but of course such giveaways don’t last forever! As Elysion-Pro gains traction in the market, the price will rise during 2021, to the full retail level. It’s worth noting however that even at full price, the system will still be around half the cost of the nearest competitor machines. Factor in that, unlike the competition, Elysion-Pro requires no accessories or consumables, and the claim of profitability and fast Return On Investment makes sense.

For businesses, what doesn’t make sense is deferring the decision to buy. The price starts stepping up from January 4th, and demand for laser hair removal treatments will begin increasing soon. Customers won’t be waiting to, ‘See how 2021 pans out.’ They’ll want to start planning for their special occasions, and the coming summer, right now. For businesses that means identifying and meeting a real need, for effective, comfortable, pain free treatments, which can return profitability to Laser Hair Removal.

Now if that isn’t a no-brainer, what is?


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