Licensed to fly?

We stay in touch with our customer base - the Spas and Salons of the World - even if not all of them are as yet users of Elysion Pro, our game changing laser hair removal system. We like to hear what businesses are saying about their experience of the esthetics market, and what they’re looking for in the equipment they need to run a profitable enterprise. Of course we firmly believe that Elysion Pro is the answer to great Return On Investment, and the highest levels of treatment efficacy. But what about Salons or Spas using other laser hair removal devices? How happy are they with their equipment, and how do they reach out to their potential market?

The ‘medical’ angle

One interesting example came from a business which we looked at recently, advertising their use of a previous generation laser hair removal device. They made a virtue of the fact that staff are all, ‘True medical professionals’ (such as board certified nurse practitioners) and ‘Not just simple estheticians or assistants.’

Now at first sight that may sound quite impressive. Wow, they have medically-trained staff to help depilate clients! But then stop and think for a moment: Why are specially trained staff needed? What is it about the particular laser device which makes it inherently dangerous and that requires such special oversight? These are questions well worth asking.

Of course we’re not suggesting that staff shouldn’t be properly trained for the equipment they are using, and the service they are providing. But is that level of training appropriate?
Not always.

The right training for the job

Many people learn to drive and go out on the highways of our country after a fairly short training period. They’re in charge of a machine, and within the general legal guidelines are considered to be qualified. In contrast, a commercial airline pilot will usually require about 2 years of training at an individual’s fees of around $70,000, plus the massive infrastructure costs of simulators and teaching staff. Do we need an airline pilot’s license to drive a car to the Mall? No! Can any of us with a car license pilot a Boeing 747? Um... nope! 

So our training, and the time spent doing it are proportionate. There are also safety reasons why a commercial pilot requires full-time instruction, rather than just a few hours each week learning to drive a car. It’s because the dangers of flying an airplane full of passengers are massively greater than driving an automobile. OK, misuse or poor training can in both cases be unsafe, but the plane has a far greater factor of potential disaster built in.

Keeping it simple, and effective

So, now let’s return to the sector we know best - laser hair removal in Spas and Salons. And here’s the thing - should a device be so complex and potentially dangerous that staff are required to train to the esthetic industry’s equivalent of becoming airline pilots? We think the answer is ‘No’, and with Elysion Pro we are proving that, again and again. 

Firstly, Elysion Pro is an absolutely safe laser hair removal device which cannot burn the skin, or cause unsightly marks or swelling. Thanks to the unique Crystal Freeze technology, it’s also super-comfortable for customers, and there’s never any question of them being told, ‘This may hurt a bit’. So the opinion of the operator doesn’t come into it and there are no ‘judgement calls’ about comfort, or otherwise. The fact is that Elysion Pro treatments are comfortable, and that’s all there is to it!

If giant passenger jets had one button in the cockpit marked ‘Fly’, then perhaps we could all become fully-trained pilots. But in fact there are hundreds of knobs and switches a pilot has to be completely familiar with. In the Salon, Elysion Pro has a very simple and intuitive interface which is easy to understand, and easy to use. Our experience shows that operators can be fully-trained in around 2 hours, and from a standing start they’ll be able to provide 100% effective and safe laser hair removal. That Spa advertising ‘True medical professionals’ was really suggesting, ‘This process is complex, and possibly dangerous.’ That’s not a good message.

The business case for simple

It’s also not good business sense. If you can train a ‘Simple aesthetician’ (to use the description in the advertisement) and turn them into an expert using Elysion Pro in only 2  hours, then why take so much longer and expect so many other qualifications to operate other devices? Medically-trained people expect higher earnings, in line with the time they’ve put in to become qualified, but if that training isn’t needed to perform laser hair removal, then the time and cost is wasted. In other words, a business is notably slowing down its ROI by employing ‘over-qualified’ staff.

Now don’t get us wrong we respect people who have put the time in to bettering themselves through education. We also respect businesses that take their work seriously, and employ medically-trained people. The only thing is: they don’t have to! At least they don’t have to for laser hair removal, now that Elysion Pro is available. 

But, you might be thinking, maybe that’s because Elysion Pro doesn’t fly as far or as fast as a passenger jet - to continue the analogy. Maybe Elysion Pro is just the automobile used to drive down to the mall? 

Good point, but completely wrong! Elysion Pro is the highest-powered laser device available to Spas and Salons, and by far the most effective. It’s also suitable for treatment of all skin types on the Fitzpatrick Scale and is proven to be safe in every scenario.
So it’s equivalent to a jumbo jet that can be ‘flown’ by a weekend driver.

Staff training becomes a breeze

What this means for Salons and Spas is that staff can be recruited and trained for laser hair removal with Elysion Pro in a fraction of the time needed for any other device. On our recent Nationwide Roadshow we took Elysion Pro into real businesses and trained staff there in the operation of our device. Average time from novice to expert status - just 2 hours, with no corners cut in the training process. 

Of course it’s true that for every subject there’s always more to learn, and we encourage all owners to ensure that their staff continue getting more and more familiar with the laser hair removal market. That includes finding out about the downsides of other systems. To help with the ongoing training, we have videos and manuals available on our website, and we’re always happy to answer any specific queries that businesses may have. Our goal is to promote safe and profitable laser hair removal services. The 100% guaranteed way of doing that is to ensure that Salons and Spas are equipped with Elysion Pro.

Helping all the way

Although we know that training in the use of Elysion Pro is super-easy and simple, we also know that in some States legislation hasn't caught up with this, and there may still be requirements of some form of medical supervision for laser hair removal. So of course we caution that while we know how safe and easy to use Elysion Pro is, in some jurisdictions there may still be restrictions. We don’t leave it for owners to discover this however! On our website there’s a comprehensive page on Laser Regulations by State which gives a step by step guide to ensuring that all regulations are fully met. 

We think it’s the responsible thing to do, and in our world, that is ultimately the definition of ‘True Professional’.


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