Launching a business with Elysion-Pro

Many manufacturers and sales organizations work hard to make the sale of their product. And then… Well, then that’s about it. They move on to the next sales prospect, and they’re not really concerned about their customer making a success of the business. Of course they’ll be interested in selling you spare parts or consumables, but whether business is booming or in a slump is of little concern. 

At LAX Distribution, we have a different philosophy. First of all, we are business owners and entrepreneurs ourselves. We have started companies, and have steered them through times of difficulty. Right now is probably one of the most stressful times ever for small businesses, such as those in the Spa, Esthetics and Salon industry. We understand what it’s like when it seems every decision could be the wrong one. Do you spend your way out of difficulties – for example by buying new equipment – or do you sit tight and control your outgoings as carefully as possible? Even worse, what if you were on the edge of starting your business as the pandemic struck, and now you don’t know whether to hang fire or to take the plunge?

In this article we’ll offer some guidance on these questions, and – spoiler alert! – you may not be surprised to learn that we advocate for going ahead with your business plans now, rather than deferring them for ‘when things get better.’

When things get better

In fact, let’s look at that factor to start with. Businesses everywhere, and not just startups, are holding their breath at the moment. People want to see if things will get better, and if so, when.
It’s natural to feel that way, but let’s say we had a crystal ball, and could say “Come next season, everything will be getting better.” Nice thought, and perhaps it’s true. At that point, every Spa and esthetic business in the country would suddenly be trying to gear up to meet refreshed market demand. Customers would be shopping around to see what new treatments and devices were available, and the businesses which answered ‘None’ wouldn’t look so attractive.

So naturally, the ‘When things get better’ scenario will result in a sudden ‘arms race’ as businesses seek to catch up with where they should have been before the pandemic. Let’s say they have deep enough pockets and enough patience to await their order for new equipment. Perhaps two months after the notional ‘When things get better’ date, the new equipment will be installed, the staff trained, and customers alerted to the latest offering. With luck, the business might be a contender again… several months too late.

Gear up for success now

The businesses which will survive and thrive coming out of the current difficulties, are those which are already gearing up for success. This means acquiring new equipment, and upgrading their offering in every way. That might include something as simple as giving the facilities a lick of fresh paint, through to new and creative approaches to marketing. And if you’re a startup, then everything has to be the best, because you can’t rely on the loyalty of existing customers.

Our product is the Elysion-Pro Laser Hair Removal system. It’s designed and manufactured in Europe, and is the game-changer in laser hair removal. In Europe it’s the market leading laser hair removal device, and is in use in 70 countries worldwide. In the last quarter of 2020 the device gained full FDA approval for the USA.

Features and benefits

What makes Elysion-Pro so special? We could take up the rest of this article telling you about the many features and benefits, but you can visit our website for further details.
However, in short, Elysion-Pro can treat all 6 skintypes, meaning that no-one will ever again be turned away from treatment. The system is up to 4 x faster than any other device, so customers are happier, as are owners. You can do more, in less time, for more income.

A huge plus for your customers is that Elysion-Pro is pain-free and comfortable, with none of the typical swelling of the treated area usually associated with laser hair removal. Treatments are also way more effective.
From the business point of view, Elysion-Pro is around half the purchase price of the nearest competitor, so your Return On Investment comes much more swiftly.
Say what? – Yes, really! We’ll look at some figures presently.

The foundation of business

What this means is that it really is possible to launch a business based on Elysion-Pro. It’s a ‘flagship’ device which will attract attention and magnetically pull customers into your business. If you also offer other treatments, then chances are you’ll see a corresponding uptick in these too. When a customer receives laser hair removal treatment which is 4 x faster, they have time to spare for other services.

Let’s look at some scenarios where Elysion-Pro can be the foundation of your business:

  • Existing Spas and Salons: Here the object is to upgrade from the obsolete equipment currently in use to the far more satisfying customer experience that you can tell your client base all about.
  • A new sole-trader: You want to get into the market, but you thought that the cost of entry was too high? Now it’s possible to become an owner-operator, and rapidly recover your ROI.
  • The portable approach: Elysion-Pro is portable and requires no special power supply, so you don’t even need premises to provide laser hair removal services. You can go to your clients, or have an arrangement with a hotel for their guests, or even operate from other salons which don’t have laser hair removal facilities
  • Extend your reach: If you are a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist, adding Elysion-Pro laser hair removal services to your portfolio makes sense. It also produces a ‘halo effect’ where other offerings become more attractive to clients.

Of course these four simple scenarios can be ‘mix’n’match’. What we want to demonstrate is that Elysion-Pro provides the perfect platform for profitability, however you care to structure your offering.

Doing the reality check

But before going further, it’s wise to do a reality check on what you can or can’t do in your state, and look at some business planning too.

  • Across the country there are many different levels of regulation concerning the operation of laser devices in relation to laser hair removal. Some states require that operators have been trained for at least 30 hours. Other states classify laser technicians in different categories, or require that a physician is either on hand, or easily available should an emergency situation arise. These are often prudent precautions, and you must be fully up to speed on the regulatory conditions in your area before committing further. You can find out all the details you need from your local city government or health services, then take the necessary steps to get operational.
    It’s worth keeping in mind that even if there are quite a few steps to take here, it will be worth it! Laser Hair Removal is one of the most profitable activities you can undertake.

  • As well as meeting all of the must-have regulations, it’s worth going further with full state-approved training and certification. For example, become certified as a qualified esthetician or electrologist, or of course hire someone already suitably trained. Remember, although it may sometimes seem a little tedious to fulfill all of these obligations, in the long run they pay off. Your customers will quickly see that they can have confidence in your offering, because you’re taking their health, comfort and safety as your highest priority.

  • It goes without saying that you’ll have applied for the permits and licenses needed in your state, right? We know you’ll be keen to get going on the road to profitability, but get the so-called ‘boring stuff’ out of the way, and the road will be smoother. This also includes making sure your facility is licensed.

  • But hang on! If you’re doing a startup, perhaps you don’t yet have a facility! So what should you be looking for? Somewhere cheap in the back of beyond, or something rather more upscale? Well, no real surprise, but the predominantly 20 to 40 year old clients who will be your core customers tend to like being in attractive locations. They are committing to a big spend with your business, so they’ll expect it to be conveniently situated, in a good part of town.
    Then, when you’ve found the perfect locale, you make sure that your perfect facility is correctly licensed.

  • You should also look into having a physician available to plan and then oversee your facility, or the service you are offering. This provides a further level of security for your clients. All of these steps we are talking about can be communicated to customers, because they all help build confidence in your offering.

  • Just as having a physician attached to your business is important, so too is having great staff. Yes, we know you know that really, but never forget that you’re in a people business. In fact there can hardly be any activity more intimate than hair removal, so if you hire staff, they must be quality individuals who can really relate to customers. Friendliness and courtesy come at a premium here, but you need to ensure that their qualifications are also up to scratch.

  • Great! If you’re going to be based in a particular location (rather than being mobile), you have solved that issue. You’ve got all your city and state permits, check. You’ve got a physician onboard, if local statutes require it, check, And you have recruited great people to help your business along, check.

So from here on in, success is guaranteed? Well, in the rest of this guide we’ll look at some further key points to help you on your way: Getting the word out, and getting the cash in!

Think different

We believe that a very important key to success is ‘thinking outside the box’, and this is where we go much further than other manufacturers and distributors. We help owners all the way, to come up with new ideas to market laser hair removal services to customers.
We have a whole range of attractive materials, from leaflets and banners, through to ‘how to’ suggestions for online activities. These can include podcasts, YouTube videos, or a web marketing campaign, and even how to produce an email sequence which will engage your potential customers.

The approaches we suggest are always about differentiation - how to make your offering different, and better than all the rest. With an Elysion-Pro you have the game-changing laser hair removal device, and we can provide you with ideas to leverage it a whole lot further.
Think about other ways of attracting customers too, such as providing courses of treatments with ‘season tickets’ which can even be bought as gifts by loved ones.
There’s no reason why you should sit waiting for customers to find you! Reach out to them, because they are definitely out there, and laser hair removal is for sure going to remain in demand. In fact, after a period of lockdowns because of the pandemic, expect that a lot of people will be seeking out esthetic treatments as restrictions ease.

Poised to take advantage

So the choice of Elysion-Pro is a no-brainer (in our opinion!)
It’s the best device on the market, providing absolutely the best treatments for all your customers. Times are going to get better, and the businesses which are already poised to take advantage of better times will start to win in the market, rapidly. By being creative in thinking about how to reach beyond existing customers, and doing so using a wide variety of marketing techniques and attractive support material, owners can rapidly recover their Return On Investment, and move into enhanced profitability.
Sounds good? Then let’s take a look at some potential earnings:

Some guideline figures

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, estimate that the average cost for Laser Hair Removal is $285 per session. This is based on data collected in 2019, and clearly depends on the body area being treated, and of course the location of the business. A metropolitan area such as New York is likely to have higher costs than a county site. 

In fact looking at New York specifically, Dr. Marie Hayag MD’s 2018 average costs by treatment area (per session) are instructive: 


Treatment Areas

     Min Price

     Max High

Full Face



Upper Lip









Regular Bikini



Brazilian Bikini



Half Legs



Half Arms















Dr. Hayag then goes further, giving typical average package prices. It’s interesting to note the idea of package pricing because it fits in to our belief that you can ‘sell forward’ for a whole course of treatments. Your customer gets a discount, but you get pre-payment, and the surety of having bookings into the future: 


Treatment Areas

    Per Session

    Package 5-6 Treatments

    Package 8 Treatments

Small areas
(bikini line, upper lip, underarms)

$80 – $160

$220 – $800


Medium areas
(full face, Brazilian, neck)

$150 – $390

$550 – $1500

$900 – $2200

Large areas
(full legs, full chest and shoulders)

$250 – $550

$1250 – $2400

$2200 – $3500


There’s money to be made

What’s clear is that there is money to be made in Laser Hair Removal. Introduce the game-changing Elysion-Pro, and the math changes even more dramatically. A device which is half the price of anything else comparable on the market, and which operates effectively up to 4 x faster is clearly geared up to deliver profitability and rapid ROI. If you start off slow and steady, then an Elysion-Pro will likely recover its purchase price within two months. Start off like a rocket, and you might halve that time. And with Elysion-Pro there are no costly additional items such as consumables to buy. What you see is what you get – a perfectly functioning standalone device which provides workhorse reliability, combined with thoroughbred performance.

Launching or refreshing

Whether you’re planning to launch a new business or refresh an existing one, Elysion-Pro is the clear choice to provide the foundation for profitability going forward. 

Things are going to get better, and as they do, it will be the strategic-thinking owners and operators of the game-changing Elysion-Pro who will be best placed to reap the rewards.

Visit our website for much more information, including Frequently Asked Questions:


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