How much money can you make with Elysion-Pro?

How much is a lot of money? It’s possible that your definition is not the same as Elon Musk’s!
If you’re an owner of a salon, spa, or esthetics business, then right now ‘a lot of money’ is probably far less than it used to be. All over the country, businesses like yours are struggling to survive, let alone thrive. If you’re one of those that are doing well, despite the odds, then congratulations! However most people have witnessed their turnover and profit margins going rapidly south, and they’re desperate to see some change in their business fortunes. 


One sure way to develop a business is to always demonstrate the difference between your offering and everyone else’s. You attract customers by showing them something new, special, and unique. That way they beat a path to your door and you’ll see an upswing in their spending. No-one ever attracted increased business by saying, “We’re continuing to do exactly the same as in the past, but with slightly more obsolete and worn out equipment.”

Obviously the real magnet for customers is when you can say, “We have invested in a remarkable new device that will make our service better, faster and more comfortable for you, our customers.” Now there’s a story which enables you to attract returning customers, as well as creating the possibility of a whole new clientele.

Spend to accumulate

The problem? You have to spend to accumulate, and spending isn’t the most popular activity for any business owner right now. There’s a downward spiral of cost-saving measures, going in exactly the opposite direction to what is really needed, which is further investment in the business.

At any other time, salon and spa owners just like you would be queuing up to order Elysion-Pro, the game-changing Laser Hair Removal device from Europe, which has been market leader in over 70 countries worldwide, for the last 5 years.
The superiority of the product isn’t in doubt: It offers comfortable, pain free treatments for all 6 skin types, is 4 x faster than any other device, and requires no costly consumables. You can find out a whole lot more about the features and benefits of Elysion-Pro by clicking here, and in every aspect it is a clearly superior product to any other laser hair removal device on the market. So the product is great, FDA-approved, and proven across the world. The snag? Who wants to let go of their cash at a time like this?

The likely income

So let’s take a closer look at how you can make money by owning an Elysion-Pro, what sort of income you can reasonably expect, and over what period you can see Return On Investment. 

It’s a generally accepted figure from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, that the average cost for laser hair removal is $285 per session. This is based on data collected in 2019, and clearly depends on the size of the area being treated, and of course the location of the business. A metropolitan area such as New York is likely to have higher costs than a county site.
In fact looking at New York specifically, Dr. Marie Hayag MD’s 2018 average costs by treatment area (per session) are instructive: 

Treatment Areas              Minimum Price              Maximum High
Full Face                                         $250                                $650
Upper Lip                                       $100                                $300
Chin                                                 $100                                $300
Underarms                                     $150                                $250
Regular Bikini                                 $150                                $450
Brazilian Bikini                               $250                                $500
Half Legs                                         $250                                $650
Half Arms                                        $250                                $650
Butt                                                  $250                                $400
Back                                                 $300                                $800
Chest                                               $150                                $450
Abdomen                                        $150                                $400  

Dr. Hayag then goes further, giving typical average package prices: 

Treatment Areas      Per Session      Package 5-6 Treatments      Package 8 Treatments

Small areas                  $80 – $160         $220 – $800                               $900-$1200
(bikini line, upper lip, underarms)

Medium areas             $150 – $390       $550 – $1500                             $900 – $2200
(full face, Brazilian, neck)

Large areas                  $250 – $550       $1250 – $2400                           $2200 – $3500
(full legs, full chest and shoulders)

Compare and contrast

We asked, How much is a lot of money? Well, OK we’re still not up there with Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, but these potential earnings from Laser Hair Removal services are significant, and should be enough to interest anyone keen to get their spa, salon or esthetics business more profitable.

Let’s look at it another way, and now we’ll use figures quoted by a rival company who claim that one of their customers is averaging $500 an hour with their laser hair removal device. We’re not afraid to mention the Splendor X unit this costing is based on, because we know that Elysion-Pro beats all the competition hands down for features, benefits, and customer-focused excellence. It’s nevertheless interesting that in this example Return On Investment is said to be highly attractive (as of August 2020), even though the price of the unit is far in excess of Elysion-Pro. Even a secondhand Splendor X isn’t a whole lot cheaper than a brand new Elysion-Pro. 

We’re not into promoting the competition – far from it! The point here is that if it’s proven that a much higher-priced, lower-featured device can earn $500 an hour, and recover ROI fast… then how much better can this be done using an Elysion-Pro system? Lower outlay, 4 x faster treatments and all skin types treatable means an inevitably quicker ROI.

The ROI racer

Let’s return to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons average cost for laser hair removal as being $285 per treatment. Even at this relatively low figure, running about 20 treatments a week, with Elysion-Pro ROI is possible in just 2 months. Of course package prices and larger area treatments can be significantly more revenue-generating, so we’re being quite conservative with that 2 month statement. Remember too that with a 4 x faster speed of treatments, you can do many more treatments in one day, or treat one customer more extensively over a larger body area. Either way, your Elysion-Pro is earning you money, and fast.

So how much money?

The simple answer is that with Elysion-Pro, you can make a ton of money, and that’s not something to be ignored in these times. Some people will make Elysion-Pro their sole source of income – for example, renting it out to other businesses, or taking it to private clients (Elysion-Pro is portable and operates from standard mains outlet electricity). 

Larger businesses find that Elysion-Pro becomes their flagship offering which turboboosts their laser hair removal, but also acts as a customer magnet for all their other services. A virtuous circle is formed where clients are attracted for the comfortable, effective, pain-free Elysion-Pro treatments, but then stay for other treatments too.

How much money? Enough to pay for an Elysion-Pro within 2 months if you start off slow. If you take off like a rocket, you might halve that time.
And after hitting your ROI, what then? A lot of money, that’s what.

Together we can make Laser Hair Removal profitable. Very profitable.


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