A spookily good deal

elysion pro halloween offer Oct 30, 2021

Halloween is here, but don’t be scared! In fact we have a treat for you - if you place your order for an Elysion Pro laser hair removal device by midnight Pacific Time, November 1st. 

The treat? Well, all the marketing materials which come bundled with the purchase of an Elysion Pro device will be dispatched to you free of charge. No handling or delivery costs… no sales tax... not a cent! How spooky is that? It means that as well as having a brand new Elysion Pro device in your business, ready to start generating profit, you’ll also have a complete kit of attractive materials designed to get the attention of customers. These include posters, a rollup, brochures and flyers - all personalized to your business. Customers will be in no doubt that you’re offering the absolute best in laser hair removal, and that it’s available right now!

Keeping the magic bubbling

We do everything possible to help our clients get traction in the laser hair removal market, and we know that Elysion Pro is the game-changing device which enables that.
We go further though, and our selection of free marketing materials is a demonstration of the commitment we have to business owners. We don’t just deliver the equipment, wave goodbye and fly off on our broomsticks! We believe in keeping the magic bubbling along, and that means ensuring your customers are in no doubt that you are offering state of the art laser hair treatment.
We could just leave it to business owners to figure out their own marketing campaign for their new device - at a heap of extra cost for design, printing and base materials. Instead, the beautiful range of free items that we provide are ready to go from day one of operation, saving Spas and Salons a heap of time, trouble, and money. 

Topping off the magic

And now, to top off the magic, we’ll send you all the free marketing materials for zero shipping costs! But remember, the spell disappears after the witching hour of midnight Pacific Time, November 1st. - Unless you go for the treat of ordering the game-changing Elysion Pro by that time and locking in our free marketing materials delivery offer. It’s no trick, just a straight-ahead treat that helps businesses trim further dollars from their expenditure, bringing profitability ever closer.

And profitability is one of the seemingly magical qualities of Elysion Pro - the machine which puts the Pro in Profitability. 

Are we a little bit crazy? Did the last full moon go to our heads? No! We just want to do everything we can to help boost the market we’re a proud part of, right across the USA. 

So don’t be afraid of ghouls or ghosts this Halloween, instead make some magic happen by checking in to our special Halloween website, ordering your Elysion Pro, and benefitting from our special zero delivery costs on our free marketing materials bundle.
It’s a spookily good deal! 



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