Facing 2021

So the holidays are nearly over, and we hope you’ve had a great time, and the chance to decompress after one of the toughest years ever for many of us. No doubt you’re now thinking about what’s ahead, and how you’ll meet the challenges of 2021. Will it be just as difficult as the year we’re leaving, or are there tools that can be utilized to help the fight back to profitability? Even businesses in the spa, beauty and esthetics area that have done relatively well in 2020 (and there are a few) have to plan for the future, and figure out ‘where next?’ Those who have struggled are looking for the magic bullet that will help them to recovery.

Here’s the good news

The great news for both ends of the spectrum is that there is help at hand, in an entirely new form of Laser Hair Removal, and the superbly engineered, European-made Elysion-Pro system. If you’re not already aware of this game-changing device, then you can get up to speed on our website here. The features comprehensively outdo all the competition, and for the first time ever, all six skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale can be treated, all year round. That means a potential 30% uplift in clients. Even more importantly from a customer point of view is that with Elysion-Pro, Laser Hair Removal treatments are pain-free and cause no discomfort. That’s a huge plus compared with all previous laser hair removal, and indeed any other methods of hair removal.

The Elysion-Pro halo effect

The demand for laser hair removal isn’t going to go away, and indeed in these times when people need all the help they can get to feel good about themselves, there’s a big potential market in the spa and beauty business that is currently not being tapped. When customers come to you for laser hair removal, chances are they’ll also be attracted to other services as well. Elysion-Pro treatments are four times faster than any other laser hair removal treatment, which means your clients can maximize their time with you and explore further services. We call it the Elysion-Pro ‘halo effect’.

Marketing help, all the way

And if you decide to start the New Year by investing in an Elysion-Pro, there are a number of other important factors to take into account. Firstly, when you buy a device, you also get a whole range of marketing aids to help you tell your customer base all about your new service. Make a splash, generate interest! Returning customers will be delighted to know that pain-free laser hair removal is now available, and new customers – who have perhaps been put off by what they’ve heard of the discomfort of laser treatment – can be tempted in to try the Elysion-Pro approach. And we’re absolutely confident that once tried, your customers will never look back!

Save money, hit ROI fast

And here’s the clincher about acquiring an Elysion-Pro before the year is out: You want profitability, right? Well thanks to the IRS Section 179 tax deduction scheme, make your purchase by December 31, and all the tax will be deferred until the next tax year. That means a significant saving right now, exactly when you need it. Then after a year of successful and profitable operation with your Elysion-Pro, you’ll be in much better shape to meet your tax requirements. That has to make sense!
At LAX Distribution we’re here to help, in every way, and because of the Section 179 clock ticking down, we stayed open all through the holidays, and are still open, right the way through to five minutes before noon (Pacific Time) on December 30. That means you can qualify for the deep discount that comes from taking advantage of Section 179. Save money now, and your Return on Investment will come all the quicker.

Happy 2021 to you!

We’re doing everything we can to help our customers in the spa, esthetics and salon area to start 2021 with the best possible advantage, by being equipped with a truly game-changing product which will attract customers in increased numbers, and provide your business with a renewed profitability stream. That has to be good news for 2021!


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For an Executive Summary, majoring on the financial details and profitability of Elysion-Pro, we have a brochure for you. That’s a super-quick guide to how the system offers such a great Return On Investment.