Solved – the new vs secondhand dilemma

Small businesses such as spas and beauty parlors that have invested in Laser Hair Removal expect to make a good living from it, but often fail to reckon on the consequences of having a laser hair removal device out of operation for some of the time. It can badly impact profitability, and feel quite heartbreaking when laser hair removal is being relied on to keep the business afloat. It’s not just about the lack of revenue from turning customers away, but that parts and maintenance can be really costly, with some repairs ratcheting up into the $10,000 - $15,000 area. A machine may be out of action for weeks while replacement parts are ordered and delivered, so it’s easy to see why a non-functioning device can be a huge blow to businesses struggling in these already difficult times.

The familiar problems

There are a number of reasons why laser hair removal devices can be out of commission. Number one is that many laser hair removal devices simply aren’t that good. They’re under-engineered, unreliable, and costly to buy, run and maintain. They also don’t even do a very good job. Nevertheless, once an owner is hooked into buying and using one of these often cumbersome devices, what can they do except attempt to keep it running? Laser repair engineers find themselves regularly asked back to the same small companies, on yet another emergency callout.
Often, owners then ask their laser guys for alternatives. For instance, what about buying a replacement secondhand model from a website such as There’s a wide array of devices posted there, with an equally wide array of prices too, ranging from bargain basement up to $100,000 or more.

Is secondhand worth it?

People want to know, ‘Is secondhand worth it?’ and ‘What’s the catch?’ Well, one way of looking at it is in comparison to the used car market. With pre-used cars you more or less get what you pay for, and people have a generally good understanding of that. A well maintained Lexus is going to sell for rather more than a beaten up, twenty year old Chevy. Records exist for cars, and you can trace how many owners there have been, and how many miles are on the clock. It’s also quite easy to get a mechanic anywhere to go and look over a prospective car purchase and report back. Are the brakes good, how’s the engine, and are there any problems upcoming? And if the purchase is through a dealership, there’ll likely be a warranty on parts failure that will get you through the first year.
The secondhand market for laser hair removal devices is less clear cut. Yes, it’s possible to see how many pulses the laser has produced. And yes, it may be possible to establish how reliable the machine has been, depending on how well service records have been kept. It’s true that over time all laser hair removal devices will require some parts replacement, such as crystals or diode arrays, but this should be part of a planned maintenance program, rather than as a result of failures. It’s also doubtful how well owners understand the pros and cons of the different laser types (Alexandrite, Diode and Ng:YAG). And yes, it’s the same with cars: we don’t need to understand how a gearbox works to know when it’s shot. Laser hair removal devices seem mysterious to many owners, and when they’re being pushed by a salesperson to buy, they often make a decision they’ll regret. Then comes the later disappointment of trying to re-sell the underperforming device, and starting again with a secondhand machine, which is equally unproven. It all costs time, money, lost business, and endless annoyance.

We feel your pain

You probably recognize all this if you’re a spa or salon owner, and we feel your pain. We are LAX Distribution and are bringing the most advanced laser hair removal system in the world to the USA. It’s called the Elysion-Pro and it’s more effective, treats all six skin-types all year round, and remarkably costs less new than many secondhand obsolete competitor machines, of the sort you’ll find on the medical equipment websites.
Elysion-Pro is new to the USA, having gained FDA approval in 2020, but has been market leader in 70 countries worldwide for the last 5 years, with an installed base of some 5,000 units. This is a quality European designed and manufactured product which really is the ‘game-changer’ in the laser hair removal market. Our ultra-lean distribution system, direct from our Californian warehouse, means that we keep costs very low. In comparison, many other vendors of laser hair removal machines are multi-tier sales organizations, with each tier adding its own margins. This results in already costly machines becoming ridiculously over-priced.

Buy new or secondhand?

So here’s our guide to buying or selling a laser hair removal device:
If you’re coming to laser hair removal for the first time, the obvious choice is Elysion-Pro. It has a feature set far in advance of any other device, plus it sells for almost half the price of any competitor machine. That includes – in some cases – secondhand competitor machines.

  • If you already have an unreliable or ineffective machine, consider placing it for sale on a site such as, and ideally have a qualified laser tech give it a clean bill of health so that hand on heart you can say it functions reasonably well.
  • If you’re considering buying secondhand, pay for a qualified laser technician to check out the machine you’re interested in (we may also be able to recommend you one, just contact us here). It will add cost to the purchase, but could save you more pain and costs in the long run. Would you buy a car in a private sale without first having a mechanic check it out for you?
  • Compare and contrast any potential secondhand purchase (factoring in having a laser tech check it out), with the cost of a new Elysion-Pro. Remember that Elysion-Pro hands down beats all the competition on features, benefits and price.

The obvious choice

At LAX Distribution we believe that when you analyze the situation in this way, the choice is obvious: start anew with the game-changing Elysion-Pro. If you can easily re-sell an old machine, then good for you. If not, keep it in semi-retirement for occasions when there’s an overspill of customers, but remember that it can’t produce the speedy, pain-free and effective results that Elysion-Pro achieves.
The economics of buying a new Elysion-Pro, as compared to a secondhand device are also compelling. Why does anyone sell any device – whether it’s a car or a laser hair removal machine? Because in some way it is no longer fit for purpose. Either it has become too old and unreliable, is too costly to operate, is too time consuming, or otherwise doesn’t do what’s required of it. And you’re considering buying someone else’s cast-off laser hair removal device to power your business? - No, that’s really not a good way forward.

The time is now

In fact now is a great time to buy a new market-leading Elysion-Pro, because we have two great finance packages on offer. One is an up to 24-month interest free option (with $5000 rebate), the other a 60-month option from $497/month, through our finance partner, Reliant Capital.
What this means is that the speed and efficacy of Elysion-Pro can quickly outstrip the rate of re-payments, meaning that ROI month-on-month is easily achieved. Oh, and there are no costly accessories or extras, at all and despite its increased laser power, the device uses a standard mains outlet.

The clear decision

We’re very clear that we have the device which can help salons and spas make Laser Hair Removal profitable again. We talk to businesses, and we talk to the laser engineers who keep them up and running. We know the pain-points, and we know how radically Elysion-Pro can soothe them. Yes, of course examine the secondhand market, and for sure, look at all of our competitors supplying new equipment. However we’re confident that after making your analysis there will be only one obvious and clear decision: Elysion-Pro.

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