Don’t hibernate this Fall

It’s that time of year when many sensible woodland creatures prepare for a long snooze, before the weather gets any colder. Squirrels for instance will save a store of nuts, either to nibble on from time to time as they wake during the long Winter, or as a feast for when the Spring comes. Fall is, in other words, a time of preparation in the natural world, and there are lessons we can learn from that. Perhaps flying south to warmer places might be the most attractive idea, but there are also businesses to run and we have to keep the wheels turning on them.

Tempting customers

In Spas and Salons, preparing for the Winter months can be helped greatly by having a new offering to excite the interest of customers. They may not travel across town for nuts or berries, but they can certainly be tempted by news of a new service or device in the business. If you’re already into laser hair removal, then you’re probably feeling that your prep for the months ahead might include upgrading your old and probably obsolete device. You’re likely getting the message that it’s obsolete both from customer feedback, your own experience, and maybe what you’ve been hearing about the new generation of high power diode lasers. If you’ve got that far in your research, then you’ve also no doubt heard about Elysion Pro - the most modern, highest featured device of all.

So prepping for Winter might involve either thinking of getting into laser hair removal for the first time, or upgrading your equipment to a device which is truly fit for purpose - and that can only be Elysion Pro. 

Leveraging your device

It’s not just about the pre-eminent features of Elysion Pro that can blow away the Winter blues however, it’s also the story that you can tell about it. It’s a highly-engineered, European designed and built device, which is in use in around 70 countries worldwide, and so is a really proven system. But we don’t just encourage Spa and Salon owners to evaluate and buy Elysion Pro, we help people understand how to leverage their new acquisition. We’re always thinking of new ways to tell your potential customers that you’re equipped with the best of the best, and finding the means to attract them to your business. 

The ‘nuts and berries’ that we give free to Elysion Pro owners include a range of high-quality marketing materials which can be used to leave people in no doubt that you’re ready to welcome them with state of the art laser hair removal. We also suggest ways to utilize social media, write regular Blogs and Tweets, or come up with one-offs, such as coffee mornings, or treatment demonstrations. And along the way, if there’s a special event in the calendar, we’ll try and alert owners to it, and think up some ideas to weave a story around it.

The big one

Now of course the biggest celebration of the year is rolling up in the fast lane - Christmas. As those woodland animals settle down for their long slumber, people in the esthetics industry should be really perking up and getting ready for a month and a half of extra activity. Do customers want to look their absolute best over Christmas and New Year, for parties and family meetups? For sure! OK, things are more limited than in former years by pandemic restrictions, but there will still be events to attend, and if anything, fewer gatherings will mean people are making even more of an effort with their appearance. That means you have to start planning right now - not simply to meet the demand for laser hair removal, but even more importantly to create it.

Don’t hide your light

If you have, or are getting, an Elysion Pro, then that’s huge news to spread around. More and more customers are becoming aware of the game changing Elysion Pro, and we’re increasingly hearing of them calling around Salons to check by name if Elysion Pro treatments are offered. If not, they tend to move on. So Elysion Pro in itself is a customer magnet, but you have to tell people that you have one - Don’t hide your light! 

Tell them through social media and flyers that they can start right now preparing for the holiday season by booking a course of treatment with you. 

You can make their decision even easier by offering a discount on a course of treatment. That puts cash in your account, and ensures that the customer commits to the treatment, and feels good that they’ve got a great deal. 

The gift that gives

Also, think creatively about other ways to attract custom. Gift Vouchers are one great way of ensuring business for you, and can provide that ‘lifesaver’ answer to partners stuck for Christmas gift ideas for their other half, or for their teenage kids. Everyone knows someone who might like to have some laser depilation, and you can make gift vouchers a much-valued present over the holidays. It’s something we help owners with too as part of our free marketing materials pack which includes vouchers, printed with the name of the business. You don’t have to worry about getting designs done, or printing stacks of paperwork - you get it all bundled with your purchase of an Elysion Pro device, ready to start boosting your profitability from day one.


Busy and profitable

We are here to help you all the way with advice and tips about how to get the best out of the best laser hair removal device on the market. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to help you lay in a store of nuts and berries this Fall, but with an Elysion Pro device in your business, for sure you’ll be in for a busy holiday season, and a terrific start to 2022!


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