At the leading edge

If you’re interested in laser hair removal using the Elysion Pro system, then that means you are keen on looking at the very latest technology. Perhaps you’re one of those people who are also thinking of an electric vehicle as your next auto purchase. Maybe you’re even imagining the day when self-driving cars are also commonly available.

Whether you're a technology buff who likes to be at the leading edge, or simply someone who wants to invest more flexibly, we thought you should know about our latest offer:

You can now buy an Elysion Pro using Bitcoin

We figured that if you can buy a top of the range Tesla with cryptocurrency (and you can), then why not the top of the market Elysion Pro laser hair removal system? It makes sense to acquire premium technology using a method of purchasing which is so up to date and convenient.


Providing options

If you’re not a techno/crypto wizard, don’t worry! Good old fashioned dollars using a variety of payment channels are still very much acceptable. 

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for Spas, Salons and Esthetic businesses to own and operate the game-changing Elysion Pro system. If that means accepting payment in cryptos, then we’re happy to do it. 

If you’d like to know more about the Bitcoin option, give us a call and we can set up a trade. Pay with Bitcoin and your Elysion Pro won’t cost you a cent! 


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Want to know more?

For an Executive Summary, majoring on the efficiency and profitability of Elysion-Pro, we have a 3-minute read brochure for you. That’s a super-quick guide to how the system offers such a great Return On Investment.