Return to Las Vegas

For the second year running we’re super pleased to announce that we’ll be exhibiting Elysion Pro at AmSpa, The Medical Spa Show, from January 28 to 29 at Wynn Las Vegas. The event is now in its fifth year, and famous for showing the newest technology and treatments, of which Elysion Pro is a stunning example. Our Booth is 326, and we welcome you to come and see what all the buzz is around the game-changer in laser hair removal.

The word is spreading

Elysion Pro is without doubt changing how owners and customers view laser hair removal. Owners recognize the huge potential of rapid ROI, and making laser hair removal profitable. Customers appreciate the comfortable and faster treatments. The word is spreading, and the force is strong! 

In 2021 we had the privilege of visiting many Spas and Salons across the country on our National Roadshow. We demonstrated Elysion Pro and talked to owners and staff about their businesses, and how they were getting through the difficulties of the pandemic. What we experienced was great acclaim for Elysion Pro, and what we learned was how people are facing the future in these uncertain times. One of the big lessons was the need for great equipment that produces excellent profitability, and quick Return On Investment. That’s exactly what Elysion Pro delivers, and projections modelled on average laser hair removal costs from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicate that even working an Elysion Pro moderately can result in ROI within two months.

Putting the Pro in Profitability

Last summer we travelled around the country, but now we’re inviting you to come visit us at Booth 326, where you can witness the most game-changing device ever in the field of laser hair removal. And of course you can talk with our team about how the Pro in Profitability comes uniquely from Elysion Pro.

Please check out our website before coming to Vegas to see what makes Elysion Pro so special:  You can discover the story behind the device, read FAQs, and a host of other details. But if you can’t wait for that, here’s the executive overview:

Elysion Pro is the market leading laser hair removal device in around 70 countries worldwide, and was granted full FDA approval for the USA in 2020. It is designed and manufactured in Europe, and is a very high quality, engineered device. 

Power and efficacy

Elysion Pro is the best of the new generation of diode lasers which utilize greater laser power than previously, resulting in far more effective depilatory action. Older - and now obsolete - laser hair removal devices struggled to generate the wattage needed to really destroy hair follicles, therefore requiring repeated treatments. Using 2,000 watts of power, Elysion Pro ensures that one shot destroys hairs, at the right growth cycle. 

Faster and comfortable

The higher power and greater efficacy of Elysion Pro mean that treatments are up to 4 x faster - a huge bonus for the Spa owners and customers alike. Treatments with Elysion Pro are comfortable, thanks to a unique technology called Crystal Freeze. Happy customers come back for more, and tell their friends and family too!

Every customer

In the past only 4 out of 6 of the Fitzpatrick Scale skin types could be treated with any one device, so Salons and Spas were constantly turning away 30% of their potential clientele. That’s not a good business model. Now, with Elysion Pro, all 6 skin types can be treated, all year round.

Lightweight and Zero consumables

The device is also lightweight and transportable, and can be used in different treatment rooms and locations. Despite its high power, Elysion Pro operates from a standard mains outlet, so it’s not tethered to bulky power supplies, and electricity costs are less. Factor in that there are no consumables required ever with Elysion Pro and the case for rapid ROI gets more and more clear.

Seeing is believing

Ultimately though, seeing is believing, and if you’re coming to AmSpa 2022, then you really owe it to yourself to visit us at Booth 326 if you’re serious about laser hair removal. We have one product to show you, and only one, because it’s the ultimate in laser hair removal. We guarantee a fact-filled welcome, plus a free gift to chew on, designed to help you remember how quick treatments with Elysion Pro are! 

Come join us, and prepare to be wowed. After all, isn’t that why everyone goes to Vegas - to be wowed? For sure that’s what you get with Elysion Pro.


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