All I want for Christmas…

During the Holiday Season, you just know that Santa’s little helpers are going to be busy, busy, busy. They’re not the only ones! At LAX distribution we’ll be working right through the holidays to ensure that everyone who wants a new, game-changing Elysion-Pro Laser Hair Removal system will not be disappointed. That’s all the way through Christmas, and on to New Year’s Eve! So if you’ve been really good all year, now’s the time to ask for an Elysion-Pro for Christmas.

Reindeer delivery optional?

We are building up our stock, but the number of units is currently a little limited, so if you want to receive delivery within 2-3 working days of your order, it’s advisable to place it very soon. Maybe your Elysion-Pro won’t arrive on a sleigh pulled by reindeer, but don’t worry, it’ll feel like the magic of Christmas when it’s delivered by a guaranteed courier service.

More money left in your Christmas stocking

And here’s a reminder of why ordering your Elysion-Pro now will bring extra Christmas cheer for your business. Those friendly Elves at the IRS are determined to make every cent you spend on equipment, before December 31 2020, to be super-effective in the form of tax allowances. It’s the most wonderful time of the year when it comes to taking advantage of the Section 179 Tax Deduction scheme, and why would anyone wish to pay unnecessary tax in these times? Save it for next year, when your Elysion-Pro system has already been earning its keep for month after profitable month. 

Ding dong merrily!

Save money with Section 179?  That’s a Ho Ho Ho!
Be an early owner of Elysion-Pro?   That’s Jingle Jingle all the way to profitability!
Hit 2021 running with a stunning new income generator?   That’s the magic of the Season!

We’re ready to receive your calls about what you would like for Christmas – an Elysion-Pro LHR system, ready to start using straight away in the New Year. We’ll be keeping the lines open all the way up to 5 minutes before noon (Pacific Time) on December 30, so please make the call and guarantee yourself a happy holiday.

Seasonal Best Wishes
from everyone at LAX Distribution and Elysion-Pro


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Everything you need to know!

For an Executive Summary, majoring on the financial details and profitability of Elysion-Pro, we have a brochure for you. That’s a super-quick guide to how the system offers such a great Return On Investment.