ROI 101

We all make assumptions. That’s OK, because if we always had to explain what a ‘cup’ is, and what ‘coffee’ is we’d never get to meet our friends for a cup of coffee. So assuming some common ground is a basic that we all follow, all the time. Or most of the time anyway.

As the distributor of the Elysion Pro laser hair removal system, the team often mentions the superb Return On Investment which our product delivers. People nod in agreement, but are we guilty of assuming they know exactly what we’re talking about? Of course owners of Spas and Salons clearly understand profitability, but is ROI too fancy a term? It’s a concept that comes from the world of corporate business, and perhaps the details seem unclear. So let’s dive a little deeper into ROI, and see why it’s an important tool in assessing the purchase of new equipment.

Everyday ROI calculations

In our everyday life, we rarely run a formal measurement of Return On...

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Hitting the sweet spot

Every successful and long-lasting product or service has to find its sweet spot - the place where features, benefits and cost overlap to produce something viable. Let’s look at some examples:

Industrialist Henry Ford introduced his Model T automobile in 1908, and rapidly changed the world. His wasn’t the first car on the market, but within 10 years half of all cars on the roads of America were model Ts. The design was easy to operate and maintain, and the price was right. Cars were no longer the playthings of wealthy people, but provided a revolution in transport. By our modern standards the features were limited, but the benefits were massive compared to previous horse-drawn transport. 

And so it goes for another ground-breaking invention, the ‘acoustic telegraph’ of Alexander Graham Bell. Today we know this device from 1876 as the telephone, which also helped massively change the world we live in. It’s the subject of jokes - how could the...

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What is your Money Personality?

Money is money is money… isn’t it? And do we have a ‘Money Personality’? If that seems a rather strange idea, let’s explore it a little. After all, it’s clear that we all have our differences in taste and lifestyle. One person loves rap music, another classical. For some people sport is the most exciting thing to watch, while for others a great series on television is the best of all worlds.

So clearly we have our differences, but surely in business there must be only one approach to how we use money? Well actually, no.
Let’s look at some examples, and see if you recognize your own Money Personality.

The Gambler

As you’d expect, Gamblers take risks and are attracted to the rush of when they might ‘win big’. A Gambler always claims to have a sure fire system, but to outsiders they often look dangerously addicted and lacking caution. What a Gambler will tell you is that sometimes they do win, and when that happens everything...

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Return to Las Vegas

For the second year running we’re super pleased to announce that we’ll be exhibiting Elysion Pro at AmSpa, The Medical Spa Show, from January 28 to 29 at Wynn Las Vegas. The event is now in its fifth year, and famous for showing the newest technology and treatments, of which Elysion Pro is a stunning example. Our Booth is 326, and we welcome you to come and see what all the buzz is around the game-changer in laser hair removal.

The word is spreading

Elysion Pro is without doubt changing how owners and customers view laser hair removal. Owners recognize the huge potential of rapid ROI, and making laser hair removal profitable. Customers appreciate the comfortable and faster treatments. The word is spreading, and the force is strong! 

In 2021 we had the privilege of visiting many Spas and Salons across the country on our National Roadshow. We demonstrated Elysion Pro and talked to owners and staff about their businesses, and how they were getting through the...

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Plant the seeds now

Anyone who enjoys being outdoors - maybe in a park, or forest, or gardening - knows that this time of year is, well… kind of dead. Or at least it seems that way at first sight. The beautiful colors of Fall have gone, and now the ground is rock hard. It's cold, there could be snow, and those lazy days of summer seem a very distant dream. 

And yet, look more closely. There may be signs of tiny buds on the branches of trees. Beneath the soil, seeds are making their first attempts to push up to the light. So although it seems like most of nature is fast asleep, we know that there's a whole heap of stuff going on. Take squirrels - those clever guys who lay in a stock of food at the start of winter, then hunker down for a long snooze. They’ve figured out that when the weather gets warmer, they will wake again, reach for their stack of acorns and engage with the coming spring. 

Spring blossoms

You know what? We humans aren't so different. Except sometimes we're not...

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Planning a Pro-fitable New Year

Here’s a special announcement: There’s the tiniest chance that you may have not noticed, so just in case… It will soon be Christmas and the Holiday Season! Did that news come as a surprise? Probably not, and yet every year the festivities come around and there’s always something that we’ve forgotten, or left to the last minute. Has all the shopping been done, the presents wrapped, the decorations put up? If you’re one of those people who can answer ‘Yes’ to all of that, then congratulations, you belong to a very select group. 

For the rest of us mere mortals, Christmas is a time when there always seems to be another thing on the list. As we check one thing off, another appears!

Party time!

In our businesses there’s also so much to do that it’s easy to forget to plan ahead, but remember, there’s a New Year coming soon, with fresh opportunities and the possibility of improving profitability. Right now the chances...

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Licensed to fly?

We stay in touch with our customer base - the Spas and Salons of the World - even if not all of them are as yet users of Elysion Pro, our game changing laser hair removal system. We like to hear what businesses are saying about their experience of the esthetics market, and what they’re looking for in the equipment they need to run a profitable enterprise. Of course we firmly believe that Elysion Pro is the answer to great Return On Investment, and the highest levels of treatment efficacy. But what about Salons or Spas using other laser hair removal devices? How happy are they with their equipment, and how do they reach out to their potential market?

The ‘medical’ angle

One interesting example came from a business which we looked at recently, advertising their use of a previous generation laser hair removal device. They made a virtue of the fact that staff are all, ‘True medical professionals’ (such as board certified nurse practitioners) and...

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The nerds have got your back

We were founded for one purpose: to bring the premier laser hair removal device, Elysion Pro, from Europe to the World. As such, we admit to being laser hair removal nerds. We like nothing better than to chat about maximum output in Joules, the importance of fluence, and wavelengths measured in nanometers. Some of our customers like to deep dive into the science too, and we welcome that, but the fact is that most people don’t need to know precisely what’s under the hood.

The 3 steps to buying

When people buy technology, it’s a given that it will be better than the previous model. Why would we pay out for something that was a backward step? So even if we don’t know the exact speed of a new laptop’s CPU, or the cubic capacity of a car engine, we make the decision to buy on a fairly simple set of criteria:

  1.   Is it better than before?
  2.   Is it more effective?
  3.   Is it better value for money?


It’s interesting...

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Don’t hibernate this Fall

It’s that time of year when many sensible woodland creatures prepare for a long snooze, before the weather gets any colder. Squirrels for instance will save a store of nuts, either to nibble on from time to time as they wake during the long Winter, or as a feast for when the Spring comes. Fall is, in other words, a time of preparation in the natural world, and there are lessons we can learn from that. Perhaps flying south to warmer places might be the most attractive idea, but there are also businesses to run and we have to keep the wheels turning on them.

Tempting customers

In Spas and Salons, preparing for the Winter months can be helped greatly by having a new offering to excite the interest of customers. They may not travel across town for nuts or berries, but they can certainly be tempted by news of a new service or device in the business. If you’re already into laser hair removal, then you’re probably feeling that your prep for the months ahead might include...

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A spookily good deal

elysion pro halloween offer Oct 30, 2021

Halloween is here, but don’t be scared! In fact we have a treat for you - if you place your order for an Elysion Pro laser hair removal device by midnight Pacific Time, November 1st. 

The treat? Well, all the marketing materials which come bundled with the purchase of an Elysion Pro device will be dispatched to you free of charge. No handling or delivery costs… no sales tax... not a cent! How spooky is that? It means that as well as having a brand new Elysion Pro device in your business, ready to start generating profit, you’ll also have a complete kit of attractive materials designed to get the attention of customers. These include posters, a rollup, brochures and flyers - all personalized to your business. Customers will be in no doubt that you’re offering the absolute best in laser hair removal, and that it’s available right now!

Keeping the magic bubbling

We do everything possible to help our clients get traction in the laser hair removal...

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