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Many companies that launch a new product start with the big metropolitan centers where there is a larger density of businesses interested in what they have to offer. We’re also launching a new product for the USA – the game-changing Elysion-Pro laser hair removal system – but we’re not just focusing on the big cities.

Sure, we know that owners of salons and spas in the cities love the unique features of Elysion-Pro, and the fact that their Return On Investment comes quick and easy. But while it’s an easier sell for us when there are many beauty and esthetics businesses in the same city, we’re determined to reach out to everyone who can benefit from owning and operating an Elysion-Pro system.

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Word is spreading

As word spreads about the comfortable, pain-free, and four-times faster treatments available with Elysion-Pro, we’re seeing customers telling each other about their treatments, and recommending businesses already operating with our device.

Just think how much more powerful such word-of-mouth recommendation could be if instead of being one of several Elysion-Pro operators across a city, you are the only owner in your county. That gives you a head start over all the other spas and salons in your area.

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Rapid Return On Investment

ROI comes quickly with Elysion-Pro, which despite being highly featured sells at almost half the cost of some rival (and now obsolete) systems. But we want to go further to help you become an Elysion-Pro owner, which is why we are offering a significant discount for the first buyer in your county.

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