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Who are we?

Elysion-Pro is designed, developed and manufactured by Cocoon Medical of Barcelona, Spain. The company was established in 2010, but as a family business its roots in the aesthetic and medical fields go back to 1974. In Europe, Elysion-Pro is the leading product in its field.

The North American provider of Elysion Pro is LAX Distribution.

Sergio Blumenblat

Cocoon Medical is represented in the USA by Sergio Blumenblat, VP Sales and Marketing, North America. Sergio is responsible for marketing Elysion-Pro to medical outlets – doctors and hospitals.

Hanna Zaborszky

Hanna is a resident in Florida, and also in Europe, where the Elysion-Pro has been in widespread use for around 5 years. She first came across the system about 2 years ago in Budapest, Hungary, and was immediately struck by how efficient, painless and versatile Elysion-Pro is. 

Matyas Zaborszky

Matyas has run successful sales and marketing companies out of Florida, and from Budapest, Hungary. He is highly experienced in helping startup and new companies reach success, and is committed to best practices and transparency in all his business relationships. He is the CEO of the USA Distributor of Elysion Pro.

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